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Our Favourite Shop - Deluxe Edition

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Disc: 1

1. Homebreakers 2. All Gone Away 3. Come To Milton Keynes 4. Internationalists 5. A Stones Throw Away 6. The Stand Up Comic's Instructions 7. Boy Who Cried Wolf 8. A Man Of Great Promise 9. Down In The Seine 10. The Lodgers (Or She Was Only A Shopkeeper's Daughter) 11. Luck 12. With Everything To Lose 13. Our Favourite Shop 14. Walls Come Tumbling Down 15. Shout To The Top 16. Shout To The Top  

Disc: 2

1. The Piccadilly Trail 2. Ghosts Of Dachau ("Dachau Was A Nazi Concentration Camp, The Scene Of Mass Murders") 3. Spin' Drifting 4. The Whole Point Of No Return 5. Blood Sports 6. (When You) Call Me 7. Our Favorite Shop 8. The Lodgers (Or She Was Only A Shopkeeper's Daughther) 9. The Lodgers (Or She Was Only A Shopkeeper's Daughter) 10. The Big Boss Groove 11. Move On Up 12. You're The Best Thing 13. Medley: Money-Go-Round 14. A Stones Throw Away 15. (When You) Call Me 16. A Casual Affair 17. Soul Deep 18. The Lodgers 19. Internationalists 20. Everything To Lose 21. Our Favourite Shop

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