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21 Nov

Brit Award Announcement!

Brit Award Announcement! Fantastic news just in: Paul Weller will be accepting the Lifetime Achievement award at next year's Brit Awards (15th Feb 06).

As we are sure you'll agree, this is long overdue and very much deserved! Paul hasnt decided yet which tracks he'll perform but whatever he does, it wont disappoint!

"Paul Weller is an artist who scores on every measure and typifies the range and quality of British music at its best," said Peter Jamieson, chairman of the BPI, the record industry trade body which organises the Brits.

The award will celebrate a near-30 year career that includes pop classics with The Jam such as "Going Underground" and "A Town Called Malice".

Previous winners of the award include charity rocker Bob Geldof and electronic pop group Duran Duran.


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