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31 Jan

'AS IS NOW' Brits repackaged album

'AS IS NOW' Brits repackaged album Paul Weller?s critically acclaimed top 5 album ?As Is Now? is being repackaged to include a bonus disc of the live tracks he will perform at this year?s Brit Awards where he will pick up the covetable ?Outstanding Contribution To Music? award. The bonus disc will feature live versions of songs spanning the Modfather?s illustrious career and is sure to include a Jam classic or two.

The bonus disc will also be available to fans as a stand alone disc that can only be purchased from

An EP will be released on 13th February. The ?As Is Now EP? will be released on 7? only and will only be available for one week.

The ?As Is Now EP? features the following tracks which were the singles taken from the album ?As Is Now?:

Blink & You?ll Miss It
From The Floorboards Up
Come On / Let?s Go
Here?s the Good News


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