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20 May

Later with Jools Holland on Tuesday 20th

Later with Jools Holland on Tuesday 20th Paul will be performing on next week's Later with Jools Holland on BBC2.  On Tuesday 20th he'll be playing on the live show (10pm) and then on Friday 23rd he'll be part of the full show (11.30pm).


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08/08/08 chrissie1 wrote: Missed the Jools holland programme but that's because I'm in Brisbane.......can't wait for the 24th Aug when I'll see him playing live then.
23/05/08 trentola wrote: I saw Paul at Hammersmith last night, the new stuff sounds excellent and he was absolutely rocking!!! Can't wait for Brixton!!
23/05/08 iceman wrote: Saw the Jools Holland show on Tuesday, the 1st track Paul played, 22 Dreams, i don't think the sound was to good. His voice seamed to be dround out. The 2nd track " Push it on long" was brilliant. What did you think?
22/05/08 hazell wrote: loved every min of paul on saturday in bournemoth it was brill.... happy 50th birthday paul for the 25th.... love ya....
21/05/08 swifty wrote: I can't believe I managed to miss it!
21/05/08 modbod wrote: saw them live at middlesbrough top gig!

so whats happened to steve and damon?
21/05/08 charliebravo wrote: Drummer is Steve Pilgrim - formerly of The Stands who supported Weller a few years ago at Delamere
20/05/08 boywonder37 wrote: Andy Lewis on bass. Didn't catch drummers name.

20/05/08 delboyz67 wrote: Who was on Bass and Drums on Jools Holland show tonight
20/05/08 modbod wrote: just a few hours to go!!
19/05/08 woody wrote: Im going Tues, Wed, Thurs and Fri this week !!!!
19/05/08 hermans wrote: Saturdays gig in Bournemouth lived up to all expectations, absolutley brilliant, love the new songs can't wait for '22 DREAMS' Thank you Paul and band for a very memorable night x
18/05/08 torchboy wrote: new albums sounding fresh and exciting, i think it was about time paul worked with new musicians, its got a NEW feel with experimental elements in there , cant wait to hear it all, im so excited !!!!!
18/05/08 exmod1 wrote:
i am loookiung forword to the cork/dublin gigs
17/05/08 stef wrote: Was going to ask the same question
17/05/08 crotty32 wrote: hi,it seems there is no tickets via the bbc website but is it possible to just show up?does any one know what time the show is recorded
17/05/08 joe wrote: Can I see + hear this in the US?
16/05/08 hammer08 wrote: saw him at Blackpool awsome as always ! off to Hammersmith Apollo on Thursday 22nd and cant wait again
15/05/08 nim64 wrote: went to see weller at dome with my son age15 2 hour set perfect`not talked about anything else.
15/05/08 south_coast_ wrote: Paul is going to be busy next week. We are going to see him on Thursday at Hammersmith and hes doing 2 more shows there and Jules Holland as well. I am going to be in heaven for most of next week!!!!