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20 May

Recent Press Articles

Recent Press Articles

Paul's has been featured in a couple of the Sunday broadsheets this past weekend, here are the links to the online articles:

Sunday Times 18 May

The Observer 18 May


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25/05/08 evilraccoon wrote: Happy Birthday!

Thanks for so many years of great songs. Thank you especially for Ghosts (The Jam), Angel (TSC) and You Do Something to Me (solo). Although there aren't many songs that don't do it for me!

Have a good one.

The raccoon and daughter (who shares her birthday with you!)
23/05/08 busterbilbo wrote: Wishig you a Happy 50th Birthday for Sunday. Me and my two nieces has a fabulous time at Hammersmith last night. Your baby son is a little darling. You are so lucky to have such a lovely family. Just one moan we all missed Stevie White !!
23/05/08 emmav wrote: Great concert last night at Hammersmith. Love the new album some classics in the making. Happy Birthday for Sunday.
22/05/08 evilraccoon wrote: Anyone see the bit in the sun?

It was in a waiting room today so thought I'd have a look thru and found an article about Paul and how his new mate is Bowie because of the Mojo interview.

Pinch of salt required before reading methinks!!!!
22/05/08 northernsoul wrote: Genuine best wishes for the 25th Paul. 50 years well spent ! You've touched a lot of people, and made their lives that much better. Music is such a great gift, and you've given plenty. Just keep enjoying yourself and we'll all reep the rewards. Keep the faith, and the passion !
20/05/08 fpelizzatti wrote: Many thanks Paul to be still here to inspire our souls and let them feel free again.
20/05/08 petestan wrote: Ok, at last some papers tell actually what they're really feeling bout the album instead of comparing with the past ones. For those who've heard 22 Dreams, you know what to get. And for all the others: this album is the weirdest, greatest and bravest thing he has done since the unreleased Style Council project. Great catchy tunes, wise lyrics and some real British Kinksy style in there. Strong production and not a second too long. Weller is not back, he is still with us, hope you can all join in and feel the wind blowin'.