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23 May

Later....with Jools Holland

Later....with Jools Holland Reminder people....Paul's on tonight's show @ 11.40 BBC2, three songs.  If you're at Hammersmith get the VCR ready.


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25/05/08 braudel6 wrote: The clips of 22 dreams and the jools stuff - soundin' so sharp ma man, so sharp! happy Birthday and lucky us!!
25/05/08 5oclockhero wrote: Weller was magnificent on jools. I hope he listened carefully to the female vocalist performing with tricky ,she was also amazing. Get her in the band paul.
24/05/08 quiethouse wrote: They are also here if you want to see them 22 Dreams Push It Along Have You Made Up Your Mind Invisible
24/05/08 debora wrote: i was happy with both shows off jools paul did well good luck with 22 dreams it will go to the top ten and god bless you for kissing jools hand also iv sent u a birthday card hope u get it xx its my dads the same day he be 81 take care paul debora xx
24/05/08 steve wrote: Just got back from Hammersmith. Are there any plans to release a recording of the gig? It was one awesome night. Maybe a good way of earning some cash for good causes like The Who do with their Encore series? I am sure I wont be the only one wanting to make a purchase. Now for beer and to check out Jools.....
23/05/08 fletch wrote: Have taped the show, only saw the first couple of minutes.. However where's Whitey & Damo gone??
Not be the same if whitey not on board after all these years!
23/05/08 soulstylist wrote: You can get clips on line via Later with Jools Holland on the BBC web site,
The show tonight is an extended show of Tuesday's with Paul doing 3 songs.
The Soulstylist
23/05/08 snitley wrote: Is this show available on the internet..for us folks overseas?
23/05/08 glenndaniels wrote: hi, does anyone know if tonights jools holland is a repeat of tues show, enjoyed the song push it along
23/05/08 sfinegold wrote: Cant wait. Saw the Halifax gig and thought the new stuff was brilliant.