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24 May

Watch last nights 'Later.....with Jools Holland' here

Watch last nights 'Later.....with Jools Holland' here You can catch last night's edition of 'Later.....with Jools Holland' here.  The link is good for another six days from today so make sure you set some time aside in that time.


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27/05/08 exmod1 wrote: i hppe you had a good drink on monday

chhers john
26/05/08 pr wrote: the performance on later was 100% & the band was disrespect but i dont think whitey & damon are missed that much....
26/05/08 lanny_kaster wrote: no good to us fans in New Zealand :(

guess ill have to try me luck with YouTube
25/05/08 johnnyjazz wrote: Happy Birthday from your fans in Canada -all the best
25/05/08 paulmaxfield wrote: Wishing you a very happy birthday. I hope you have enjoyed today. Looking forward to seeing you again in November.
25/05/08 carolinehepp wrote: happy birthday paul have a great day absolutely fantastic set on jools holland both tuesday and friday
25/05/08 fisky1 wrote: happy birthday!!! to the main man.
24/05/08 franb wrote: Thank you Quiethouse !! Much appreciated.
24/05/08 quiethouse wrote: They are also here if you want to see them 22 Dreams Push It Along Have You Made Up Your Mind Invisible

24/05/08 franb wrote: Too bad the link is only available if you live in the UK!!!! (I don't)
I do hope I'll be able to watch this very soon.