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27 May

International Dates Announced

International Dates Announced Paul will be playing a number of overseas dates over the summer and into the Autumn, kicking off with some European dates (including Ireland) and then across to the other side of the world to play a number of dates in Japan and then Australia.  He'll also be touring Europe in October prior to his UK tour dates here.  Full details and ticket links in the gig section.


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18/06/08 theresa wrote: Please come to the States. We ex-pats need our PW fix. Make at least one of the shows on the East Coast. Most of us are willing to travel, and get hotels to hear THE BEST!
11/06/08 shindotv wrote: Bummer no US dates so far. I've seen you play twice in San Diego - both great shows.
06/06/08 hypheny wrote: PLEEASE Please do an one-man show in Osaka, JAPAN! Otherwise it's gonna be the longest & hottest summer.
05/06/08 logos120 wrote: Eleven times better than anything that's ever been before ] 22 dREAMS
04/06/08 aslan1 wrote: Hey PW any chance of squeezing a gig the night before cork . . in Dublin cant hang on til November !!!
04/06/08 sheila wrote: Friday 15th August can't come soon enough! It's been a long time coming. Hoping PW will enjoy touring down under so he does it more often!
03/06/08 solidbondnz wrote: Hi Paul, I'm really gutted that you're not coming to NZ. I heard a rumour that you would be coming in August, but nothing since then. Stil time to change your mine and pencil in a couple of dates ;-)
03/06/08 anniebee wrote: cant believe it have been back to england several years and have always just missed seeing Mr Weller and am back there in August and guess what that is when he is playing in Adelaide!!!!!! fingers toes and eyes crossed he may do another performance as he is doing in Melbourne xx
02/06/08 boyaboutown wrote: Roll on August, wiated nearly 10 years to see you in Sydney. Pat I've got a spare ticket, you sure I can't tempt you ????
31/05/08 tamara wrote: paul thankyou for coming to sydney
31/05/08 wellered wrote: amsterdam gig sold out in one hour!!!!
30/05/08 phil1975 wrote: Got my tickets to see you in melbourne can't wait,ex pat who is married to a australian girl who never heard of you until she meet me but now a massive fan.
30/05/08 melissa wrote: It would be great to have you in Japan this summer!
But would be much nicer if you play in Nagoya not only Tokyo and Osaka!!
30/05/08 nicm wrote: ummmm, what happened to the proposed Zurich date on the 12th of October??? :-((((
looks like another trip to Paradiso.
30/05/08 laids12 wrote: awesome what a fine way to warm up a cold winters night in Melbourne than to see
the great man!!!! look forward to seeing you Paul
29/05/08 lueread wrote: Are you ever going to make it to Vancouver, Canada. We'd love to see you here. Maybe swing through after V-Fest?
28/05/08 treble wrote: cant wait for monday . a big hello to my fello interlektualz. tee hee ! weller for prime minister..
28/05/08 sheppy71 wrote: Hey Mr Lovely Weller

Thank you so much for finally coming back to Australia. Your gigs are almost all sold out and we cant wait to see you.
28/05/08 badge wrote: August 24th, can't wait - I dug the new breed, went home and abroad and now I'm gonna catch flame.
28/05/08 msommers wrote: Thank god your FINALLY coming to Australia. I'm an ex-pat living down under and have been begging for years to get you to come her and play.

Can't wait :)