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29 May

Win tickets to see Paul at XFM's All Day Breakfast

Win tickets to see Paul at XFM's All Day Breakfast Paul will be playing Koko Camden on 21st June at 3pm as part of XFM's All Day Breakfast, you can win tickets by entering the competition here and answering a question.  Best of luck.


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04/06/08 debora wrote: i love 22 dreams the deluke edition and his new single have you made up your mind will get to number 4 in the charts i like it to be number one godbles you paul
02/06/08 girlie wrote: Rushing down to the shops in my dinner hour can't wait to get the new album
02/06/08 johnpaul wrote: love wellers music he is ace. paul weller has never sold out . jUST ONE OF THE LADS.
02/06/08 mod.father wrote: Summer is here and so is 22 Dreams LUVING IT
30/05/08 rellewsrm wrote: cant get enough of this man.. fingers, eyes & legs crossed. bring it on...
30/05/08 pidge wrote: woops, forget that last comment: I've seen it!
30/05/08 pidge wrote: Ummm, how do I enter the competition?
30/05/08 dicko wrote: I was one of the competition winners in June 06 to see Weller at Koko Camden, fantastic venue, nice and intimate and it was a fantastic gig, everyone should enter the competition.... Good Luck All
30/05/08 chelseagal wrote: Pure genius ,, getting better with age .
29/05/08 john.jpc wrote: Weller at 50 better than he's ever been