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10 Jun

Top hole - Number One Album

Top hole - Number One Album

Hello Wellerfolk

Just in case you haven't heard yet, '22 Dreams' is number one album, straight in.  Gawd, brings back memories of 'Going Underground'.  Well done and thanks to all those that have bought the album - it's great to know that good taste can still have some sway in the charts!

PS Apologies, meant to post this yesterday but had a spot of interweb bovver.  Thankfully now resolved.


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30/09/08 jaru wrote: lullaby für kinder......fantastic!!!!!!!
23/06/08 mod64 wrote: Just been back from vacation, so I discovered 22 Dreams a little later than planned (last week actually). Great record, one of Mr. Weller's best up 'till now. Didn't find the special edition however. I'll be at the AB concert in Brussels, as usual. After nearly 30 years of seeing the man live, it would be nice to have a chat with him. Paul, if ever you're reading this...
15/06/08 mrrazzcocks wrote: no worries!! seen loads of lyrics sites but nothin with the new album on them yet, cheers anyway!
15/06/08 tobysomeone wrote: opps yeh sorry, soon as I said it I realised only the special edition had the words in it! If you know someone with the se, borrow it. Like I said on one of the other pages, I was having a bad day until Sir P turned up on tv and blew all me trubbles away. If I can find the lyrics anywhere I'll let you know. Till then, humblest apologies.
15/06/08 mrrazzcocks wrote: theres no lyrics in my album sleeve!!
13/06/08 tobysomeone wrote: to mrrazzcocks. If you want lyrics, buy the album! gawd! Anyway, it's a departure this time round, but sheer quality. Cold Moments brings out my feminine side! Cheers Sir Paul, you've done it again.
13/06/08 wellerite66 wrote: Wellthe album is excellent and at first I wasn't so sure.....gasp...shock....horror a weller fan who actually wasn't overawed by the album!!! I SAID AT FIRST!!! 22 Dreams is top drawer....Echoes round the Sun is mental and brings back memories of Traffic and and Beatles psychedelia but is Weller at his best have You Made Up You it....the rest.....well they are growing on me. One last thing....did anyone see Mr. W on Johnathan Ross.....did that version of Changingman blow you away or what!!! Watched it about 50 times.....!!!! PEACE!
13/06/08 wsm wrote: i cant put down in words how good this album is, there is at least six tracks that just make the hair on my neck stand up and make you feel alive.
there is some much colour and texture, it feels like a real journey listening through the whole album.
What can i say its a beautiful record.
13/06/08 steve42 wrote: Once again a true legend shows that classs is permanent. Great songs for lazy summer days, Push it Along is my personal favourite. Happy days!
13/06/08 millar wrote: Totally brilliant as always. Love the album and congragulations on your no 1. Good to see people are listening to great music again.
13/06/08 wellafella wrote: What amazing news and an amazing album. I have not loved anything like this in a long time. 'IInvisible'and 'made your mind' are my top ones at present but love it all. It is a great album for him to bring and to the worthy accolade it has received too! On top of this he is at an age when the younger him imagined himself to be pushing daisys yet here he is still producing top drawer stuff. Long live Weller!! Thanks so much.
12/06/08 mrrazzcocks wrote: great news that, glad to see people still buy great music!! anyone know where i can get the lyrics for the new album????
12/06/08 carter wrote: top marks No1 @ No1.
12/06/08 fisky1 wrote: fantastic,justice, great no fantastic album.the fans have done the main man proud.
12/06/08 carlosroye wrote: Finalmente logre escuchar rl album, realmente es muy bueno tiene sonidos RETROS, algo de Jazz And ROCK , El disco es como en plato cocina por un cheff, primero lo comes luegos losaboreas le sientes la textura y final mente lo digeress con un placer sinigial............. Realmente Bueno COMPRENLO es lo mejor de lo mejor BEST of the BEST

12/06/08 elisa wrote: Invisible and cold moments are my favourite tunes, specially in demo version of disc 2.
12/06/08 monnk wrote: Hi from France everyone!
Login in to express my utmost respect to an artist at the top of his game.
Far above most of the work of his contemporaries and many younger players, 22 Dreams is a jewel.
Naturally luscious, swaying and generous and getting better and better each time you listen to it, it is an amazing journey thru Music.
Thank you Paul and everyone involved, very much.
12/06/08 paulmaxfield wrote: Fantastic album. Top marks. At no. 1 where you belong. Top of the charts. Absolutely brilliant thanks to everyone in the Weller camp who helped to produce this fantastic album.
12/06/08 geeaay wrote: Haven't got it yet as out of country. So that's one more on next weeks sales. Excellent news!
11/06/08 angie wrote: great album...cold moments and blackriver are my favs ,....chilled and cool.....loving it ....
well placed at the top....well done paul and team.....xx