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18 Jun

A Thousand Things at Terminal Five

A Thousand Things at Terminal Five

Paul Weller fans flying from Heathrow’s Terminal 5 now have no reason to fear the delays that have so far beset the latest addition to the world’s busiest airport. From June 20th, Paul Smith’s spacious new T5 boutique will be selling Paul’s signed, limited edition book A Thousand Things, as well as 11 rare prints of Paul Weller, each signed by photographer Lawrence Watson.

Of course, if you don’t fancy the idea of carrying your rare, and not to mention valuable, collectors’ items down to the beach every day, Paul Smith will happily arrange a delivery to suit or you can order this incredible book and vinyl boxed set direct from


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25/07/11 jamescantlon wrote: I Got a thousand things today fro my Birthday from my wife I have been collecting Weller Memorabilia for years and have accumulated loads of vinyl,cds,book and dvds but this is by far the best Item I have What a fantastic book and a must have for Big Weller fans like myself
10/09/08 mackhoo wrote: I can't believe people are complaining about the price.

The book is an absolutely amazing piece of artwork and Genesis Publications are one of the best.

I paid 395.00 for my deluxe edition (copies 1- 350) and I would have paid a lot more.

I got edition 141 :o)
03/08/08 sheppeymod wrote: I bought the book and it is fantastic, wirth every penny. Cashed in some savings and even the wife is convinced it is a bargain
02/07/08 imh55 wrote: The book is a one off work of art- take a look-it is easily worth the cash-HAND MADE just like a good whistle and flute-you can't put a price on that in these days of mass produced same the world over trash. Like his music this is unique-I was lucky enough to get copy 68 with the signed lyrics to In The City, the posters and prints. The record alone is worth the cash. Check out the genesis web site-all their books go on to be worth a lot more-some now sell for well over £1,000. An invesment, a treasure and well worth it.You will kick yourself in years to come and end up paying top dollar on e bay.
29/06/08 broadtown wrote: £250 equaly poss 5 live gigs or more , i know how i will be spending my cash
27/06/08 modernman wrote: i agree with most replies £250 out of reach for most people for a like a copy but aint prepaired to be fleeced for it
26/06/08 hammer222 wrote: Hi I'm sure this is a great book , And I love weller saw Him at Koko last week , Hammersmith a couple of weeks before that , already got my ticket for Brixton Have three copies of 22 Dreams , deluxe , normal and vinyl

but Mate £250 for a Book!!! I would love it but how can u justify that !

I love the man i have since the first time i heard the Jam and everything he stands for, In the way he has conducted himself in this sell your soul industry

but when he blames Glastonbury for being to corporate, then endorses a book for £250 Give me a break !!!
24/06/08 fireandskill wrote: You must have money to burn, old chap
23/06/08 kric1970 wrote: I am the proud owner of one of the delux copies that I paid £ 400 for. The book is a masterpiece, a work of art - I am over the moon with it and will treasure it for years and years to come. I keep re-visiting it, and every time it just gets better and better. Beautiful pictures and beautiful words from the man himself. One of the best things I have ever bought.
21/06/08 fireandskill wrote: Sorry - but I'm not that desperate to see rare pictures of Weller. Certainly not 250 quid desperate. Ridiculous.
19/06/08 hbmod wrote: £250 is not a 'bit steep', it's over the fookin edge. I'm sure it's a great book but seriously £250! 500 US $!

Who's taking the piss!
19/06/08 angie wrote: nice book i have copy 391 but why ante the rare prints included in this box set .....would have been an added bonus to a proud owner now though...and the real cost is £260 tenner for delivery!!!
18/06/08 cowley wrote: Great book but most of Wellers proper fans are working class people , £250 is a bit steep mate
18/06/08 peacocksuit wrote: dont miss out fasntastic book,well worth having for any weller fan,genesis publications are rated as the best limited edition publisher in the world,get one soon it wont be long before they have sold out