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18 Jun

Great new photos

Great new photos Check out the excellent new photos in the Gallery taken by Gibson Photographer Dean Fardell.  Our thanks to Dean for allowing us to put them up here and enabling us to share them with you.  There's quite a few live pics taken from the gig at Derby Assembly Halls this year.


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24/06/08 markb wrote: hbmod... sorry, but it's neither its a Gibson Les Paul.
22/06/08 georges wrote: good lights on london like impressionism
19/06/08 hbmod wrote: Nice one!....................Fender neck on a Rickenbacker body!
19/06/08 cowley wrote: Iif ever a Man summed up a Great City a great Scene, Great Cothes , a Great Guiter and above all Great Music it is and shall always be Mr W. hope your Dads well Paul atb Cowley.
19/06/08 markb wrote: It was from the Gibson Guitartown charity event last (2007) November -
19/06/08 chasmagri wrote: Must have been taken today. It's so cloudy in town and it's bleeding June. Great Weller pic though.
19/06/08 nicperth wrote: luv the juxta
18/06/08 cowley wrote: Cool . nuff said.