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03 Jul

Mark Lamarr session this Saturday

Mark Lamarr session this Saturday

One for the diary.  Paul's playing a session on the Mark Lamarr session this Saturday (5th) on BBC Radio 2.


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17/07/08 mouse wrote: missed the show cos i use listen again and my internet broke, can you put the tracks and interview on the website, or the entire show?
07/07/08 franb wrote: Very good show.
06/07/08 saturdaykid wrote: Superb show. Listened again as I missed some of it as it went out. Nice to hear Paul talking to someone who isnt trying to label him. Well worth a listen to anyone in the next few days.
04/07/08 hooky wrote: Superb tatt buddy!
03/07/08 cookie1471 wrote: cool