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03 Jul

iTunes show last night

iTunes show last night

Anyone go to the iTunes show last night?  What d'ya reckon?  Thought it was pretty damn blistering myself - top show.  The feller was on top form.

Anyway, as you probably know, the show was recorded and a live EP featuring songs from the set is expected out some time soon.  As for when, don't know yet but as we do we'll pass the details on.


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06/07/08 mally wrote: Great gig! One of the best I've been to for a wee while. A smallish venue - right down the front...Magic!!!!
03/07/08 davidwillow wrote: This man just has to walk on to the stage and you know your in for a good evening. What a night! You feel he is singing just for you, it was a night never to be forgotten. He and his band always give you 100% . A cosy venue created a great atmosphere and with the tv cameras buzzing round just added to the excitement. Thanks itunes for a wonderful evening that will live with me forever and thanks to the legend himself...Mr Paul Weller!
03/07/08 69kinkybootz wrote: Hard to believe I know but like a good wine this man just gets better and better! The set was excellant, the band delivered time after time solid spot on performances. I cried during You do something to me.. All too emotional for me... the whole experiance rolled into a beautifull setting and listing to the man who has been my idol since I was a teenager coupled with the most talented Steve Cradock... Who again just gets better and better.. If you were unlucky enough not to have been witness to this spendid evening make sure you check it out on iTunes Live or on ITV next week... Bring it on..!!!