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15 Jul

iTunes Festival on ITV2 tonight

iTunes Festival on ITV2 tonight

Morning all,

If you can get ITV2, make sure you tune in tonight at 7pm to catch highlights from Paul's excellent iTunes set from a couple of weeks back.  If you miss that one it will be repeated later tonight, or rather early hours next morning at 1.10am.



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19/07/08 patrickcox97 wrote: it was'nt very good coverage of paul?? like everyone says too much geldof crap!!!
anyone live near leicester my band FIRE AND SKILL play SAT july 26th@ o'neills bar
in the city centre.visit to find out all about us,we play plenty
of great tunes WELLER,OCS,THE JAM etc.
18/07/08 stickwick wrote: PEACHES WHY!!!!!!!!!! Should of edited her out, and showed more Weller. Nice to see the drummer smartening up!
17/07/08 welshrarebit wrote: Sorry but that girl is so irritating !!!!!!!!!
17/07/08 cookie1471 wrote: itunes was crap- too much geldof
17/07/08 cpt.stax wrote: the previous 'iTunes exclusives' (echoes round the sun live and made up your mind live) were not available outside uk and japan, but this new '6 tracks live ep' was immediately available even here in italy (usually a poor iTunes store) so I guess it will be soon in usa too.

here's the link

pls dont forget to send burning claims to iTunes for the shameful fading of "all I wanna do" ;O)
16/07/08 jason-sarah1 wrote: to much of geldofs daughter and not enough weller - download it but will be annoyed if "all i wanna do" is cut, as its current favourite track of off "22-dreams" come on i-tunes i thought you were about the music not the money?
16/07/08 poorpaolo wrote: Will the download be available on iTunes in the USA?
16/07/08 talyawatsonx wrote: I Will Watch It don't Worrie xxxx
15/07/08 cpt.stax wrote: the 6 tracks iTunes Festival (audio) EP is already available on ...errr... ITunes. I'm really annoyed abt it, and i want to shout it on the official site too,

because some s**y c**t at the production (I guess its not a decision coming from Weller) decided to badly fade "All I Wanna do". This is very disrespectful to the artist and the iTunes clients. I buy a song, I want the FULL song!!! webmasters, pls revert this moaning to whom it may concert.