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18 Jul

iTunes Festival EP

iTunes Festival EP

Morning people,

I know a lot of you have picked up on this already, but in case you haven't the live EP from the iTunes Festival gig is now available to download from here

To download the whole EP costs £4.49 which includes six tracks: Peacock Suit, From The Floorboards Up, All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You), Out Of The Sinking, Invisible and Sea Spray.  You also get a digital booklet.

Cheers for now.


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10/01/10 2386joanne wrote: Hi, great to see Paul in Carlisle in December, come back soon x
29/07/08 jason-sarah1 wrote: totaly agree with cheesemaker, should be some members only 'treats', like a few years ago - discs, artwork e.t.c.
29/07/08 cheesemaker wrote: If Paul's 'fan' club gets back up and running some time it should release a 12" version of this release for fan club members only. This downloading business is rubbish to say the least. PW knows it and am sure would frown on the i-tunes download EP. Bah!
29/07/08 lanny_kaster wrote: why can't we download it outside the UK?!?!?!?!

i live in New Zealand, and we can't get access to it.

oh, and thanks for touring Australia and NOT New Zealand. We're all very grateful. We'll have to wait until From The Jam come back to our shores next year, i guess.

Loyalty, i guess.
21/07/08 jason-sarah1 wrote: only wish i had the full set, will have to try a different 'source',
19/07/08 poorpaolo wrote: When I click the link it says that I need to go to iTunes UK. When I do that, it says that I have to be in the UK to download! Please can we have this on iTunes US???
18/07/08 rickmt wrote: Good chance to get a clear sounding live recording of the new materiel, havent heard of any copies of recent gigs which are around, if anyone knows let me know please!

Just bought the Japan import 22 dreams deluxe version (with extra track "Rise & Fall" on disc 2) from Ebay for only £20.00, this disc is recorded on higher quality system, so should be crisp sounding!