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28 Jul

Culture Show tomorrow night

Culture Show tomorrow night

Afternoon people,

Just a quick heads up for those that have not scrutinised their Radio Times listings this week, Paul's going to be appearing on tomorrow night's Culture Show on BBC2 at 10.00pm.  He's apparently going to be talking about '22 Dreams', turning 50 and so on.  Interviewed by Lauren Laverne.


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02/08/08 cinglis908 wrote: hello all,just signed up
30/07/08 modbod wrote: hi rickmt, the stax doc was mint! great live performances of otis redding, they usally repeat these programmes
30/07/08 jason-sarah1 wrote: sorry - its on thursday at 11:20 - for an extra 15 minutes.
29/07/08 jason-sarah1 wrote: couldn't fault it, favourite version of my (current) favourite track. i read in the radio times that there is an extended programe on friday, didn't say if there would be more of p.w. or not , anyone know if there is ?.
29/07/08 markb64 wrote: Great performance of a beautiful song.
29/07/08 rickmt wrote: Hi Mally,
Was the documentary of Stax records on t.v. Sounds like a good view, thanks,
28/07/08 mally wrote: Hiya 007...Guess it'll be on the BBCiPlayer for a week? Ifyou download it - youve got it for a month...Just watched a great doc. on the history of Stax records...thus ends the advert for....
28/07/08 modcon007 wrote: Does BBC2 archive their broadcasts? Anyone know...I will be working at that time in the USA.