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30 Jul

New Single - CORRECTION!

New Single - CORRECTION!

Thanks to those who have picked up the error on the recent track listing we posted for PW's next single 'All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You)'. 

The correct track listing is as follows:

1 - All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You) - Radio Edit
2 - Push It Along
3 - Big Brass Buttons - featuring Bobby Gillespie

7" #1 - Green Island Records 7" bag
A - All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You) - Radio Edit; B - Push It Along

7" #2 - Artworked 7" bag
A - All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You) (Acoustic); B - Pretty Flamingo (Acoustic)

A thousand apologies for the oversight there...


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08/08/08 cheesemaker wrote: Well done for correcting the error webfolks, apologies if I seemed a little 'terse', it's just very important for fans to know the correct track listings, because many of them do actually feel quite ripped off by duplicated tracks on releases these days - by anyone, not just PW - so very good to see different versions of A Sides appearing.
30/07/08 donald wrote: Many thanks - will there be an iTunes version released as well?
Being greedy I know!
30/07/08 reet wrote: Cheers for fixing this!