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27 Aug

Paul Weller at the BBC 4CD set out 4th November

Paul Weller at the BBC 4CD set out 4th November

Afternoon all,

A little bit of news has come my way as follows: 

‘Weller at the BBC’ is a stunning 74-track, digitally-remastered, 4-CD hard-back book set of exclusive BBC sessions and live concert tracks from 1990 – 2008, including a lavish 64-page booklet with extensive sleevenotes, new interviews with Paul and others with scores of rare photos from the archive. 

“The BBC Recordings is a great tradition. I’ve bought quite a few in the past, from the Hendrix one to The Who to the Small Faces to the Fabs, so for my stuff to be put out alongside them and to be a part of that tradition, it’s definitely something special.” - Paul Weller 2008

'Weller at the BBC' will be out on 4th November.

The track-listing will be as follows:

Sessions: Disc 1


1. Fly On The Wall (Johnnie Walker - Live 5.9.92) 2. Pink On White Walls 3. Amongst Butterflies 4. Wild Wood (Saturday Sequence - Johnnie Walker - 2.10.93) 5. Hung Up 6. Out Of The Sinking (band version) 7. Clues 8. Whirlpool’s End(Lunchtime Show - Emma Freud - 26.10.94)  9. Out Of The Sinking (acoustic version) (Lunchtime Show - 1.11.1994)  10. Broken Stones (band version)  11. Time Passes 12. The Changing Man 13. I Walk On Gilded Splinters(Evening Session - 8.5.95) 14. Broken Stones (acoustic version) 15. You Do Something To Me(Simon Mayo - 12.9.95) 16. Brushed 17. Peacock Suit 18. Up In Suze’s Room 19. Friday Street 20. Mermaids 21. The Poacher(Evening Session Live - 10.6.97) 

Disc 2

1. Driving Nowhere (Mark Goodier - 23.11.97) 2. Friday Street - (acoustic version)   (Kaleidoscope - Live In The Studio 19.9. 97)   3. Science (Jo Wiley – 1997) 4. Wishing On A Star 5. Thinking Of You (The Drivetime Show With Johnnie Walker – 1.9.04) 6. Corrina, Corrina  7. Early Morning Rain  8. Foot Of The Mountain (Mark Lamarr For Jonathan Ross – 8.1.05) 9. To The Start Of Forever 10. Out Of The Sinking (Janice Long – 4.3.05)   11. Paper Smile 12. Come On Lets Go (The Drivetime Show With Stuart Maconie – 28.7.05)  13. Amongst Butterflies  14. Frightened  15. That's Entertainment   (Mark Lamarr: Sold On Song – 11.2.06) 16. All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You) 17. Cold Moments 18. Push It Along 19. Pretty Flamingo (Mark Lamarr: God’s Jukebox – 5.7.08) 


Disc 3  


Town and Country 5/12/90 1. My Ever Changing Moods 2. A Man Of Great Promise 3. Kosmos 4. Speak Like A Child 5. Just Like Yesterday 6. Work To Do 7. Pity Poor Alfie Royal Albert Hall 13/10/92 8. What’s Goin’ On 9. Uh Huh Oh Yeh 10. Hercules 11. Bull Rush/Magic Bus 12. Above The  13. Everything Has A Price To Pay 14. Headstart For Happiness 15. Into Tomorrow Phoenix Festival 13/7/95 16. Porcelain Gods  17. Stanley Road 18. Can You Heal Us (Holy Man) 


Disc 4


Phoenix Festival 13/7/95 1. Shadow Of The Sun 2. I Walk On Gilded Splinters  Finsbury Park 9/6/96 3. Out Of The Sinking  4. Hung Up 5. Sunflower 6. Broken Stones 7. Fly On The Wall 8. Tales From The Riverbank Victoria Park 8/8/98 9. Peacock Suit 10. Heavy soul 11. Science Radio Theatre 9/11/98 12. I Didn’t Mean To Hurt You 13. Brand New Start 14. Wild Wood 15. Friday Street 16. The Changingman      



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16/09/08 glickbo wrote: the shows at the nokia theater and highline ballroom in nyc rocked! having withdrawal symptoms since! cant wait until next year (hopefully another us tour)
12/09/08 peacockbart wrote: Looking forward to the CD-Box.
See you all in Brussels on October 3rd. Now that's Entertainment !
11/09/08 phil wrote: Vinyl box set is available to pre order, must be special its £85. Anyone got anymore info.Phil
08/09/08 giampy wrote: Ciao sono un fans italiano.......
07/09/08 treble wrote: class box set coming to a store near you . all the previous weller box sets are classics. so i suggest you stock up with those while you are waiting for this set to arrive.if you cant afford the outlay .then just get the jam one direction creation reaction. class class and treble class take it easy treble.
07/09/08 treble wrote: if this box set is anywhere near as good as the jam boxset direction cretion reaction then we are in for an awesome lead up to xmas. and you can bet your life it will be!!! enjoy life and dont let the buggers get you down. peace and love to all . treble
05/09/08 sinead wrote: Lookin forward to the boxset BUT i cant wait for the gig in Dublin in November
04/09/08 placeilove wrote: some absolute quality tracks to look forward too,roll on
04/09/08 smack wrote: when is the next tour of oz or must i come back home , money well spent
04/09/08 buz wrote: To Boy Wonder - I have this recording from the Jacqui Brambles '93 lunchtime show all be it on tape cassette when I recorded the full session from the radio as it happened on the day !!! Shame it is only on tape but... I have the tape in my loft and was aiming to transfer it to my PC/CD but haven't got round to it yet !!! Let me know if this is of interest to you... it was a fab session incl. Jacqui Brambles getting very excisted about him doing That's Entertainment live on her show as I remember it... think I might have to dig the cassette out !!!!!!!!
03/09/08 5oclockhero wrote: Cannot wait for this helping of pure genius. See you in Liverpool Nov 08 The 5oclockhero
03/09/08 malice1982 wrote: 2 tracks I would love to have appear to be missing. One is a version of That's ENtertainment that ends with some Smiths (I was happy as a child in the month of May but heaven knows I'm miserable now-oo now-oo) and an acoustic Long Hot Summer from the same session. Had them on cassette but lost them sadly.
I remember tuning into Johnnie Walker for Pink on White Walls(with totally different lyrics almost), WIldwood and Fly on the Wall. Can't wait to hear them again, nice one Weller.
02/09/08 monnk wrote: Just pre-ordered the box from, 29.99, with a dispatch on the 03rd of November...
Can't wait for Brixton Academy's show on the 24th of the same month!!

Greetings to all and all the best to the band on the road!!
02/09/08 parkytoon wrote: Looking forward to the boxset release, another prized addition to my collection. Excited about seeing the man rip it up in Newcastle on November 15th. Does anyone know of a pre/post event in Newcastle on that night?? Cheers Paul
01/09/08 joanne wrote: cant wait for new box set , cant wait to see ya in manchester 18/08/08, wish ud play leeds. joanne xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
31/08/08 phil wrote: Hope there's going to be a vinyl boxed set aswell or I'm I being greedy. Phil.
31/08/08 kenny1874 wrote: Another essential box set for my collection !!

Great track listing - some gems ! Look forward to 4th November.

See you in Newcastle on 15th November.

30/08/08 jason-sarah1 wrote: a real treat, got a rew already, but this will be a nice addition to the collection, a dvd of bbc sessions would be good , all the 'later' sessions etc he's done over the years would be on top of the shopping list that week, for sure !!
30/08/08 wattstaxed wrote: SWEETER THAN A MOSQUITO ON A MATCH!!!!
30/08/08 72weller wrote: i cant wait for this yes yes yes thank you paul