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23 Sep

Addendum to BBC live performance competition

Addendum to BBC live performance competition

Hi everyone

I have amended the original news article about the competition to win tickets for Paul's live performance at the beeb this Saturday but just in case I am repeating it here:  Please note that the audience for this show will be over 18's only.



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02/10/08 jason-sarah1 wrote: yeh right, BRITISH BULLSHIT CORPORATION
01/10/08 spaniard wrote: You let get your asses in gear and complain to the BBC!

On the Paul Weller Official Forum, Boy About Town and I have done just that and sent an E-Mail to the BBC - shout to the Top...

Let's kick their m***********g asses!

29/09/08 jason-sarah1 wrote: you did the right thing topmod64, still a discrace, would have just turned up but its a bit of a gamble when you live the other side of the country,
29/09/08 harland1 wrote: Daydream - Lovin' Spoonful, I once heard this on a live demo. I'd like to here him sing this in Manchester but I've more chance of Going Underground!
29/09/08 markhough wrote: Steve White just emailed me to say BBC were giving away tickets on saturday !!
whats goin on these days ??
29/09/08 madcucumber wrote: sifrank66 i agree with you 2 1 or 2 of ur points but at the end of the day paul still produces great music that we all love him for i can wait til crawley to see paul again and its bound to be on tv soon so bite ur bottom lip and jusy listen to 22 dreams again
29/09/08 sifrank66 wrote: looks like somebody cocked up on this big-time?
apparently people desperately ringing up their mates at 6.45pm on the night.
how about a list of the winners - ah, there isn't one just a guest list!!!!!
didn't cock up on the guest list did you?
this web-site is a disgrace!!!!
and the record company a bunch of wankers!!!!!!
Does Weller actually know, doubt it,does he care? very much doubt it.
Man of the people - not anymore Paul - a big shame!
29/09/08 topmod64 wrote: no but i went anyway and got in, best ever....
28/09/08 jason-sarah1 wrote: did anyone win any tickets ?, ANYONE !
26/09/08 topmod64 wrote: its a jooles holland pw special
26/09/08 reet wrote: Any winners yet?
25/09/08 jason-sarah1 wrote: love to hear him play 'gimme shelter' - but like you say pete it makes perfect promotional sense
25/09/08 petestan wrote: guess the bbc is about to tape this show to be broadcast when the bbc box will be released. makes perfect promo sense for mr weller. so early november that shall be.
now let's make our wishlist for the show. any crazy covers in mind??
25/09/08 jason-sarah1 wrote: anyone know what bbc channel (tv or radio) it is to be broadcast on ?, -also what date will it be broadcast, can't see anything about it in the radio times etc.
24/09/08 cookie1471 wrote: is it for tv or radio?
23/09/08 ferret wrote:
23/09/08 treble wrote: