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02 Oct

Next single - Sea Spray/22 Dreams

Next single - Sea Spray/22 Dreams

Hello there

Hope all's well.

Just a quick heads up on Paul's next single - Sea Spray/22 Dreams - which will be out on 3 November.  When we get all the format/tracklisting details, pre-order links etc, we'll put them up.



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09/10/08 mr.clean wrote: one of the highlights of an album that gets better & better with each listen! cant wait for Liverpool bring it on paul!
07/10/08 puggy67 wrote: can you get on without saying super, fab, omniscient? this is getting like the steve wright show
07/10/08 peacocksuit wrote: great
07/10/08 peacocksuit wrote:
07/10/08 peacocksuit wrote: great song paul brilliant choice for a single,lets all buy it and get it high up the charts,thanks paul for all the good work
06/10/08 jason-sarah1 wrote: good choice for a single, hope it gets the radio play it deserves,
06/10/08 treble wrote: sea spray is a top tune buy buy buy!
03/10/08 rickmt wrote: This is released the same day as the B.B.C. recordings, if you wanted them all a very expensive week!! May have to cut back on purchases in future as this is getting to be a marketing nightmare.
03/10/08 saturdaykid wrote: I love this song. Very calming. Keep up the good work.