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13 Oct

Mr Cool's Dream - Complete History Of The Style Council by Iain Munn

Mr Cool's Dream - Complete History Of The Style Council by Iain Munn


You may be aware that Iain Munn’s book ‘Mr Cool’s Dream – The Complete History Of The Style Council’ is out this week in hardback with an exclusive foreword from Mr Weller himself.  ‘Mr Cool’s Dream’ was first published in 1996 and this new version is fully revised and updated with new features.  You can buy online here


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19/10/08 wholepoint wrote: Official release date 20th October (tomorrow!) so now available to buy/order in all good bookshops. Look out for the 21st anniversery 'Cost of Loving' hardboard tribute and the autograph challenge on Page 5.

Met Steve White at Trio Valore in Edinburgh last night and he was very complimentery which was good news.

Thanks for the comments and reviews, much appreciated.
18/10/08 christine wrote: Received my copy all the way out in Hong Kong and I echo what anniek has said above, really impressed with the quality and the amount of detail in this book.
It's nice looking, has a great colour cover, very apt for TSC and has clearly been put together with love and care.
The book arrived in pristine condition, the same care being put into the packaging and posting. First class service. Highly recommended!
15/10/08 stevesharpe wrote: How do I order my copy,here in Thailand.I have no credit card.I live out in the sticks,nothing but jungle,would you accept bananas or sticky rice as payment.Help!!!!!!!!!
14/10/08 anniek wrote: Am lucky enough to have received an advance copy and am so impressed. The quality and the knowledge in this book is outstanding. The research that has gone into this book is breathtaking. A must for any Weller fan. Well done Iain Munn!
14/10/08 reet wrote: Got my copy ordered now, really look forward to reading this a must have for any Weller fan!