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13 Oct

Sea Spray Pre-Order Link

Sea Spray Pre-Order Link


As promised, here's the pre-order link for the Sea Spray bundle deal at Townsend Records.  Click here for details.


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14/10/08 jason-sarah1 wrote: quality b-sides were always the treats on p.w's 7"s,
13/10/08 soulbrutha wrote: Couldn't agree more. This "Double A" side idea was one of the worst of Paul's career. We've gotten 6 songs from an album we've already shelled out for on various formats. For someone who said that he would have been embarrassed to release more than one single from an album, and to have him/the record company go so far in the opposite direction is a HUGE disappointment indeed.

Peace and SOUL,

Virginia, USA
13/10/08 cpt.stax wrote: thanks in advance to island and for giving me the opportunity to express my disappointment for this 3rd single that has no meaning at all but a little more radio promotion for the album and a little money from the fans who are 'obliged' to buy music already available.

2 good album songs doesnt make a "double a-side" single, can't believe paul didnt have something 'tasty' to put at least on the b-side(s), eg a new cover, a live version of 'all you need is love' or something similar to justify the purchase, this might be the very 1st weller single I will not buy in 30 years. pointlless and a shame for a man who always cared about the singles. it still matters to me.

cheers the cap