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16 Oct

Weller at the BBC - Change of release date for vinyl edition

Weller at the BBC - Change of release date for vinyl edition

Afternoon all,

Just been told that the release date for the vinyl edition of the forthcoming Weller at the BBC collection will now be 10 November and not the 3rd as previously stated.  This affects the vinyl edition only, the other formats are still being released on the 3rd.

Click here to pre-order (please note that depending on when you click on this link it may still say the 3rd November, however this should be changed shortly).


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24/10/08 poorpaolo wrote: I know what you mean. And I keep finding new items on e-bay as well. Promos, imports, vinyl, etc. Although it would appear that my PW collection was a better investment than sticking the money in the bank :-)
23/10/08 mr.clean wrote: is it me or is it pricey to be a weller fanatic! over the years looking back on what i have in my weller collection could have aaahhh bollocks! bring it on paul there is no artist who releases such a collection of nuggets consistently and brilliantly! even though i have many of the songs mentioned on various bootlegs to have them on one collection fills me with mod joy! it only seems like yesterday as a nine year old wanna be mod pogoing to eton rifles in my monkey boots and cropped hair and tight pants. 37 now well nearly still have be cropped hair as for the tight pants theyve well gone still pogoing tho' cheers paul for all the great times & tunes! if your reading a couple of requests for liverpool TIME PASSES, GHOSTS, ENGLISH ROSE, THE BIG BOSS GROOVE Oh i know im dreaming bring it on love the new album top mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!