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21 Oct

Brazillian shows cancelled

Brazillian shows cancelled
We are sorry to announce that we have had to cancel the show in Brazil.  this is due to Visa issues with some of the band members that could not be sorted in time for the gigs.


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28/10/08 modtoby wrote: Valerio - don't be a mug ! Take lessons from other dissapointed fans and look forward to 2009.......
25/10/08 lastres wrote: 2008 is coming to an end. A year that should be forgotten. Nothing worked. To close the golden key to this unfortunate year, Paul Weller canceled the concerts in Brazil. We are in October and still have two months to end this terrible year. What else could happen? I wish that 2009 might be different. Good things will happen and Paul Weller will play here in Brazil.

All the best.

From an eternal fan under any circumstances.

Alexandre Lastres

24/10/08 jocavidal wrote: it's a fucking shame!!!!!!

24/10/08 derekdomino wrote: Yeah! Despite the visa stuff, the fucking changingman will always be welcome here!
I hope that in 2009 the concert really happen! Indeed!
24/10/08 lastres wrote: Dear Mr. Paul Weller
We are glad to receive you next year in the TIM FESTIVAL, or any other event. Please disregard the scraps of "persona non grata" attributed by some children in anger. That is not what we really think. We appreciate his work and honestly we want you here in Brasil, soon as possible.

I'll never leave you. From an eternal fan under any circumstances.

Alexandre Lastres
23/10/08 valerio wrote: Find bellow the leack os respect to the Brazilian people...

From Paul's manager..
As discussed on the phone due to the immigration issue involving Andrew John Goncalves unfortunately we are going to have to cancel Paul Weller's shows at TIM in Brazil this year. Over the next few months we will help Andrew cancel his Brazilian nationality so that we can consider playing TIM in 2009 to make up for this year's cancellation as Paul Weller would really like to play in Brazil at some point in his career. I appreciate your efforts in trying to find a solution to a very unusual situation but in the end given this issue was only brought to our attention at late notice it was just not possible to fix

Paul and Gang,,,,,,

Forget 2009..or other dates...never more ...Now you are "persona non grata" in Brazil
Please, consider that Rio de Janeiro doesn't like more you...May be Tom York should advice you...


23/10/08 zeivan wrote: It's sad explaining what I'm feeling right now.. I guess… just this huge emptiness inside…
It's been a long time since I have been dreaming about watching Paul Weller's concert, and I remember as if it was today the day my girl called me and said:

-- Are you sitting?
I answered: Yes!
So, she told me: Sit again!
I asked if she was pregnant, and she said: "course not! Guess who is coming to Brazil?"
I quickly said: NO WAY!!!!
She answered back: Yes, Paul Weller in Brazil.

A couple of months after that, full of anxiety just waiting for the dates and I couldn't believe that he was actually coming!
When they finally defined the dates, it was even better, it was a God's gift, I though. The concert would be on the day of my birthday. This would be the best birthday of my life. Definitely!
I bought the concert ticket, the bus ticket to go to são Paulo (where the concert was going to be), and the plane ticket to Curitiba (the city where I live), and yesterday I had this huge disappointment: the concerts had been canceled!
Surely, this is the worst birthday of my life. Even if I happen to watch his concert, it won't be the same thing. And this totally offended Brazilian fans, because as I see it, they could have hired a pianist just for these concert, to show their respect to us, Brazilian fans.
I hope Paul Weller's reason to call off the gig is really true.
I am disappointed.
And unfortunately we live in this shitty country, the only one that this kind of thing happens. I don't believe in our country anymore, especially after everything that happened last week
22/10/08 zeivan wrote: The Great Depression

22/10/08 selvagem wrote: This is not a gentleman attitude...sorry...
F.Selvagem - Ilha do Governador/RJ, Brasil.
22/10/08 luizrecchia wrote: While it is almost certainly true that Brazilian authorities are part of the problem, it is unbelievable that such thing would happen 2 days before the concert. It is also unconceivable that no solution could be found – the musician is Brazilian for Christ’s sake!! He could certainly come as a tourist, right? He could play for free, so he is not “working”, right? The fans down here deserve a better explanation than that… It was not easy getting the tickets, the concert was sold out, the expectations were huge…

And the statement “we hope the visa issue will be solved for next year´s festival” are really pathetic… We really deserve better than that, a true Brazilian gig much before that, it should not be that hard to figure it out…
22/10/08 andre wrote: Guys, that was just a dream...

Sr Paul Weller, i hope you can come another time soon in my country to show us your best things.
Tks for your lyrics and music

GOD bless you

André - Floripa/SC Brazil
22/10/08 ivojunior wrote:
My city is called San Ludgero, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Well now that my city is called city of malice

This story of Visa issue is not true
is a shame what you did with Brazil

That's how it is the fans?

22/10/08 walshy wrote: I think you need to get out more son!
22/10/08 timvic wrote: The old visa teaser - a resounding triumph for petty officialdom, common sense is down, knocked out by a right hook (always the right!) from the Department of Useless Beaurocracy.
Boy, had I been waiting for this one. Been in Rio since 1994, absence from communion hopefully forgiven (name frequently registered in the minutes of the Council meetings).
Would love to go back to the Dominion in March 84 - blowing so sweet, wanted it to blow all night, felt like it was just for me and left me in a daze for days. Where else? College in the Midlands, so Birmingham, Nottingham (up all night in a service station cos we missed the bus - happy days), Leicester. Back in town, the Albert Hall, cutting like a razor’s edge at the end of 84 and again at the famously controversial 89 show, which I thought was great. Wembley Arena (too big, too soulless), Brixton - was too broke for Hammersmith in 87.
Solo days - those little places, the T and C and what it became, Brixton and some joint in Clapham I can’t recall - and then, of course, the Hall again. Last time for me was shivering me timbers there late in 93 - a bit too much long hair and prog rock leanings for my taste - a worry. Am I the only one who sees the Council as the highlight and never as embarrassing interlude? But always hitting an emotional peak that few can get close to.
Kept in touch from afar. A little ritual every time I’m on the way to the airport to travel round my adopted continent - last thing before leaving the house - play ‘Going Places.’ Brings me luck.
Was really hoping to go places this Saturday. Been with current girlfriend - a local product - well over a decade. She’s seen much of me in all that time, but perhaps not all the parts Weller can reach. Can he reach them still? Finding out was going to be fun, but the petty officials followed their orders. They can sleep content knowing that they’ve made the world a sadder place, and I’m left waiting for the fire next time.
22/10/08 antonio wrote: could someone explain it?
22/10/08 chico wrote: I still can´t believe that you´ve cancelled the brazilian gig for such a silly reason.I can assure you that you´ve missed the chance to play to the warmest audiences you would ever play in your sweet short LIFE!! (ask your friends paul and mick),besides the chance to know some treasures of nature Búzios Angra friends.
What a loser you are!
Escuse me for the hard words!

Chico Almeida Leme Rio
22/10/08 gaitach wrote: it's a terrible notice. We are from Argentina an we where going to travel to brasil just to see and listen to Paul.
What's about a Southamerican tour Brasil, Argentina anb Brasil?
21/10/08 lastres wrote: hate this country (BRA) so much; I hate to be here. I hate Lula and all his fucking pigs. I hate the violence and the police. The last weekend event in São Paulo , our stupid policimen and the violence in Rio are the reasons.


21/10/08 lastres wrote: I hate this country (BRA) so much; I hate to be here. I hate Lula and all his fucking pigs. I hate the violence and the police. The last weekend event in São Paulo

21/10/08 romosta wrote: Mr. Paul Weller, in this moment I'm very very sad about what happened. As a big fan, I would like to make a special request: could you send for free an exclusive and autographed copy of your new album (Live at BBC) to every brazilian fan that bought tickets to your shows in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, and posted a message in this forum? It would be simply greatful! My name is Rômulo and I live in the city of Joinville, state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. My e-mail is Thanks.