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30 Oct

'Weller At The BBC' to be 6 Music Album of the Day

'Weller At The BBC' to be 6 Music Album of the Day


You may wish to note that 'Weller At The BBC' will be 6 Music Album of the Day next Wednesday (5th November) so expect plays and plugs across the schedule.


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03/11/08 delfilla wrote: Received the 4 cd set on saturday morning and had it on all weekend . Superb although there would be little doubt of it being anything else but SUPERB ! Good mix of the old and new with Kosmos and Speak Like A Child for me , being standouts so far . You Do Something To Me on guitar is a gem . Looking forward even more to the 14th and Glasgow ................Keep On Burning ..........................
02/11/08 barnsleysime wrote: i too was lucky enough to get mine two days early, and it has been on constant rotation since.
and the free print that came with it is framed and on the wall!
roll on notingham!
01/11/08 telecaster wrote: ...does anybody knows when I can have the BBC discs in Italy? i can't find no info...
01/11/08 mr.clean wrote: what a start 2 the weekend! a knock at the door and a parcel 4 me! two days early? weller at the bbc has arrived and yes in all its glory packaged beautifully as most weller monuments are! first listenings cd 3 has threw a whole wave of emotions personally and as a fan. weller performs speak like a child in a punked up fast paced delivery you forget what agreat song this was! hopes he play this in the liverpool. and just like yesterday why has this not seen the light of day unbelievable! as 4 the other tracks time passes still wellers finest heartfelt song ever and my solo fave 2. hung up distorted yet in tune? still eagerly working my way thru it folks but once again weller has released a gem of old material that im sure will be looked upon by in the same way it has been rercorded in the weller manner honest, trueful, endearing and energetic! cheers paul 4 everything mate always a loyal fan bri c u in liverpool nov 08! ps if ur reading its me birthday so any requests lots mate in fact i cud probaly write at least a dozen set lists and still not be satisfied.
31/10/08 jamiemac wrote: Cant wait, got the album on preorder be good to get a sneak preview. See ya in Glasgow on 14th Nov . Keep The Faith