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03 Nov

'Weller at the BBC' - How to get the Digital Boxset discount

'Weller at the BBC' - How to get the Digital Boxset discount


As you’ll no doubt know by now, today’s been somewhat of a Wellerfest release wise with the new single ‘Sea Spray/22 Dreams’ AND ‘Weller at the BBC’. 

The full release of ‘Weller at the BBC’ is being staggered over two weeks with the 4 x CD boxset and 2 x CD highlights out TODAY.  The DVD is also out today. 

Next Monday (10th) will see the release of the 3 x vinyl version and the digital boxset. For more info on the digital boxset and how to get hold of it read on… 

From 10th November you will be able to purchase the digital boxset of 'Weller at the BBC' featuring an incredible 179 digitally-remastered BBC sessions and live concert tracks from 1990 – 2008. The set comprises all of Paul Weller's BBC recordings over this 18-year period, and will be available exclusively from and, either as single track downloads or as one entire set for £60.

Purchasers of the 4CD box set will receive a £20 discount off the price of the complete digital box set at To gain access to the discounted price go to from 10th November and insert CD1 from the 4CD set. Follow the instructions on the screen and you will then be redirected to the exclusive discounted £40 digital boxset on

The digital release features exclusive material including a BBC concert from Radio Theatre in May 2000 and a live concert in Cardiff from May 1997 with rare outings of the tracks 'Back On The Fire', 'There's No Drinking After You're Dead', 'Picking Up Sticks' and 'Love Less'. Full tracklistings are available from here


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25/11/08 aberia wrote: Got to say the full set is fab. Can't stop playing, particularly after the Nottingham show last Sat.
19/11/08 jason-sarah1 wrote: totaly agree, should have been available in the cd box set, and what hapened to the guilfest'05 that was put out live on radio 2 ?
18/11/08 johndefault wrote: Feels a bit underhand the way that this has been marketed. And feel cheated on a Weller purchase for the first time in 30yrs.

All should have been available in the physical CD Boxed set - or the boxed set should have been limited to sessions. The live sets from festivals etc are a bit tenuous anyway!
18/11/08 jason-sarah1 wrote: Thankyou Rick for the info etc, CASH, CASH CASH Is all the record companys want, and as for news , what news ?, only when you feel like it or you are gonna make out of it.
16/11/08 pricey66 wrote: im a bit miffed to be honest, i bought the 4 cd set for £28 and would like to have the missing tracks from the download, but to get the missing tracks at 79p will cost me a further 83 quid, either that or pay another 40 to download everything including the stuff ive already paid for...i dunno seems a bit wrong to me.
16/11/08 rick wrote: This website is becoming a laugh, it can't even sort out links to other sites that sell us Weller items, why bother, Weller has said often that downloads are not his cup of tea, I can see why when sites like this can't get their act together, well I've just spent my money on some real class new soul CDs instead, won't bother trying again.
13/11/08 jason-sarah1 wrote: myself and a few others have had problems trying to use this link etc, what is it with this site and links that don't work ?, somebody help !, please !