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12 Nov

Uncut Magazine - Weller Cover!

Uncut Magazine - Weller Cover!

Evening all

December's edition of Uncut magazine features the man himself on the cover with an exclusive inside where Uncut spent a year by PW's side.  The article includes a behind the scenes look at Weller on the road, inside his recording studio and his star studded 50th Birthday Party.

As well as all that there's a free 14 track CD featuring some of the Modfathers favourite tunes.



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15/11/08 jason-sarah1 wrote: great read, and some top photos, should have been on the site 2 weeks ago when it first went on sale, keep up the updates !
15/11/08 cpt.stax wrote: beware which edition you buy,if you buy it on line: the silly marketing executives decided to put leonard cohen as cover star instead of weller for the 'outside uk' edition (I guess it will be the same in usa). nothing against cohen (who is actually even more stylish than the style councillor himself) but what the hell! wouldnt cohen sell more magazines than weller in europe?? fortunately the weller jukebox cd is still included.
14/11/08 rick wrote: Got this magazine in a shop 2 weeks ago, keep up with the updates,!!
14/11/08 gailsokol@bi wrote: would like to know how to purchase this magazine in Australia if anyone knows can they let me know thanx
13/11/08 peter wrote: Have bought and read the magazine.... pretty good article. The CD is superb with some great tunes... got into the Fleet Foxes through this. Also has got the Andy Lewis and Weller track...."Are You Trying To Be Lonely"... I love this song!!!