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04 Dec

New Merchandise in the Shop Today!

New Merchandise in the Shop Today!

OK, we’ve just got news that there’s a bunch of new Weller stuff available through the shop from today.  There’s a Weller Mug, metal coaster/bottle opener, metal key-ring and a set of Weller target coasters.  Have a look here.


Obviously excellent timing for Christmas but you need to get your orders in asap if you want to get them as presents, so don’t delay guys!


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18/12/08 topmod64 wrote: ive had my wellabrella for12 years or more, still as good as new, used all the time....good stuff in the old days.....
18/12/08 ozzy wrote: wella brellas i had one very poor quality soon broke 28 quid as well !
Expect better really
15/12/08 jaytaylor wrote: wonder if his lordship knows someone is tryin to sell us f@?*ing bottle openers with his name on for 15 quid.
13/12/08 gunnser wrote: Complete rip-off !! Shameful actually....
08/12/08 chelseagal wrote: Weller fan yes .... Mug no tenner for a keyring ?? a score for a t shirt ?? Are you sure got a tour shirt this year outsiide venue for a fiver
07/12/08 jammyone wrote: What a joke!
06/12/08 topmod64 wrote: ive got a n.o.s. one 's for sale if you want one.....
05/12/08 kos wrote: Thats good! but what about a few Wella Brellas?