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09 Dec

New Photos from BBC6 Hub Session with Adele

New Photos from BBC6 Hub Session with Adele

Morning all,

Just loaded up a load new photos from PW's recent BBC6 Hub Session with Adele courtesy of photographer Alex Maguire.  You can find them in the gallery.



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18/12/08 jason-sarah1 wrote: Well said gailsokol@bi
18/12/08 gailsokol@bi wrote: hey just read about pauls split with long time girlfriend i think its about time everyone minds their own business about peoples personal lives should concentrate on his skills as a great musician and singer here here
15/12/08 gailsokol@bi wrote: yes i totally agree i also watched the Ellen show and enjoyed Adeles performance shes only 20 what a talent and yes wouldnt it have been great to see Paul on there as well lets hope he comes back to Australia
14/12/08 johnpaul wrote: I went to the concertt in manchester last month it was ace. The video for that last song was very moving. It was a work of art , Wellers gets better with age.