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18 Feb

Success in the Brits

Success in the Brits

Evening all,

As you probably know by now, PW was successful in tonight's Brit Awards winning Best Male Solo Artist.  OK so he wasn't there to collect it in person but we did get a video with Adele passing the award over.

What can you say?  Well deserved for a top year.

Well done feller.


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17/03/09 opie916 wrote: DEAR PAUL, Nice job mate. MY WISH: Aging baby boomer desires to have soul rocked and brain scrambled. Prefer the inimitable STYLE of The Paul Weller Group. If you could only come to N. California, I would meet you straightaway, and you could musically COUNCIL the yearning masses. I WILL be right there in the mix. Your mate...OPIE
06/03/09 mickuk175 wrote: Very well done from me the Brit living in the States,how about a tour over here?
03/03/09 tobesomeone wrote: Nice one Paul c u at Thetford lets hope for some good weather????
28/02/09 debora wrote: well done mr weller.. keep writeing your lyrics and il keep living godbless dxx
26/02/09 debbie wrote: well done pw cant wait for the gig at 02. c ya there
25/02/09 ang wrote: Nice one Paul there was only going to be one winner ! see you Sherwood !cant wait!x
23/02/09 statham wrote: Fantastic! I am pleased to hear you were victorious. Well deserved.
23/02/09 nalan69 wrote: CONGRATULATIONS!!! You're the greatest...
23/02/09 gazstafford wrote: not before time !!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep up the good work
22/02/09 tobysomeone wrote: Nice one. There is a God and his initials are PW! Just keep on doing it boss
21/02/09 alamo09 wrote: Yahoo!! Congratulatons Paul. Well deserved indeed. Congraulations from your MANY FANS in T E X A S!! We love everything you do! You are a genius!!
20/02/09 heavysoul64 wrote: Congrats Paul, should have got best LP and live act as well, Met you at The Moons gig at the 100 club a few weeks ago, Top Bloke it was great to meet a true legend!
20/02/09 petespatch wrote: dont need rewards to recognise the brilliance that is paul weller .
but congratulations on any recognition of your fine work hat has a depth and meaning not tocuhed by any other artist ..god the great creator must be rocking to the beat
20/02/09 vivthemod wrote: congratulations from the Netherlands!! Well done Paul! Keep up the good work!
20/02/09 lightnights wrote: Well done Paul, that was more exciting to me than my beloved Everton knocking Liverpool out of the FA Cup, keep it coming fella
20/02/09 debora... wrote: CONGRATULATION!!!! from all ITALY and meeeee
You are the BEST
Bravo PAul by Debora
20/02/09 arminf wrote: And congrats from Germany! Fantastic and well-deserved!
19/02/09 jaru wrote: congratulations from Spain!! well done! and keep the faith!!
19/02/09 jock wrote: Delighted 4 you paul! your music is an inspiration,you can do no wrong. seen u n cork and dublin.AWESOME!!!
19/02/09 epsommod1 wrote: The Woking class hero does it again (3rd time innit?)
Now if you read this then come play in Epsom (we got a forest too)