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24 Mar

Just a Dream

Just a Dream

Evening all, 


If you were at any of the gigs last week you may well have picked up a flyer advertising ‘Just A Dream’, a new Weller DVD release out on 8 June which is available to pre-order from Amazon and


‘Just a Dream’ features the full 90 minute live session recorded by Paul for the BBC that was first televised in December 2008.  The 21 tracks draw heavily on ’22 Dreams’ with a smattering of older classics and Weller favourites.  The track-listing is as follows:

 1. Peacock Suit; 2.  22 Dreams; 3. All I Wanna Do; 4. From The Floorboards Up; 5.  All On A Misty Morning; 6. Brand New Start; 7. Have You Made Up Your Mind; 8. Wild Blue Yonder; 9. Black River; 10. Invisible; 11. One Bright Star; 12. Where'er You Go; 13. Wildwood; 14. Why Walk When You Can Run; 15. Butterfly Collector; 16.  Seaspray; 17. Echoes Round The Sun; 18. Changing Man; 19. Eton Rifles; 20. Push It Along; 21. Whirlpool's End 

The DVD also features a 5-track session recorded for Channel 4, along with the videos for ‘Have You Made Up Your Mind’ and ‘Echoes Round The Sun’ plus an exclusive end-of-2008 interview with Paul and the band. 

There is also a 13 track live CD recorded at Brixton last November with the following track listing: 

1. From The Floorboards Up; 2. Have You Made Up Your Mind; 3. Broken Stones; 4. Porcelain Gods; 5. Shout To The Top; 6. Come On, Let’s Go; 7.      Echoes Round The Sun; 8.  Wishing On A Star; 9. You Do Something To Me 10. Invisible; 11. Seaspray; 12. Push It Along; 13. Eton Rifles

Nice one.


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19/04/09 trailblazer wrote: I cannot wait to purchase this, even though I will soon be unemployed for the first time in 20 years and will sell some albums to get the money. I will plan a vist to coincide with a Weller concert, as after years of listening to his music faithfully I have not seen him.
27/03/09 immortalstyl wrote: Absolutely brilliant! The preview gives such a good live-feeling, especially for those(like me) who couldn't attend the autumn tour. Thank you, Paul!!!
27/03/09 henriquevc wrote: Great! One more DVD from THE BEST.

But please don't overdo the editing on the DVD!!!! No jumping cameras and so.

Keep it simple!

27/03/09 leashores wrote: cant wait. good man!
26/03/09 bthom65 wrote: There is a god...................yes & his name is WELLER!
25/03/09 jason-sarah1 wrote: Great !, anyone know of any vinyl versions, limited editions being released ?
25/03/09 adlervan wrote: love it! can't wait!
24/03/09 wilw6 wrote: Yes! Another Weller dvd...pity there's still 2 months until release date. :-( BBC Sessions was excellent, so the full set is a must as far as I'm concerned.