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07 May

Thank you for the support

Thank you for the support

'This is just a little note to thank everyone that has emailed, sent cards and flowers,some lovely messages and anecdotes of your memories, plus donations to the Alzheimers Society.... we really do appreciate all your support.
Also tomorrow Friday 8th May, there is a Radio 4 show called 'The Last Word @ 4pm and 7pm, or online.....which is an interview with Steve White and myself, about dad.  Here's a link to some info on the show
kind regards
Nicky, Ann and Paul

The family felt that the fans would like to see the Order of Service from John's funeral, so please find this in the gallery here




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25/05/09 debora wrote: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL ON YOUR 51st BIRTHday
HAVE A TOP DAY AND your be ok paul rise a glass for your dad too pleae godbless you and your family and il see you at delmere gig if all well debora barker manchester xx..say hello to nicky from me and i hope your mum ann is ok tooo xxxx
21/05/09 eunansoulmod wrote: My deepest sympathy to Paul and family on your sad loss. Memories will forever stay in the heart of those who loved him.
19/05/09 aliloveswell wrote: thanks nicky for sharing the order of the service , lots of love to you ,Ann and Paul. ...god bless xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
19/05/09 aefz65 wrote: All my sympathies to you Paul and your family. I lost my dad last August so relatively fresh still - know you have only the best memories of him and he'll always be with you x
19/05/09 babycatcher wrote: It is so hard to lose your Dad, especially if the man you knew starts to disappear with illness. Now remember the good times. x
18/05/09 natsg wrote: I was so sad to hear of the loss of John Weller. My thoughts and condolences go to the family. x
18/05/09 p-weller-fan wrote: R.I.P John Weller
regards and respect to your family
legends like father like son x
16/05/09 charlie.h wrote: I was saddened to read this news today. Losing a loved one is always hard. Wishing Paul and his family much love and peace at this sad time.
15/05/09 lammy250i wrote: Just learnt of the loss of John and we are very saddened. We would like to send our condolences to Paul and his family at this very sad time. God Bless xxx
15/05/09 gilles wrote: Paul,
sinceres condoleances d'un admirateur.
Gilles de France
15/05/09 mally wrote: Great Man! I can still hear him shouting into the mike before a gig "Paul,Bruce & Rick THE JAM!". I got back stage after a gig at the Cambridge Corn Ex. years ago - John passed me a can and said " You need one of these young man". Best wishes to all
14/05/09 debora wrote: i recived a kind letter this afternoon .from the Alzhemimers society ,, which i gave a kind donation for the late mr weller ,, which i thank the weller family for choseing this chairty'. has my mum passed away feb this year with Alzheimers all you fans please make a donation to the chairty for the late mr john weller at ..all your support is needed for alzhemimer;s disease thank you debora barker manchester gpd bless you all xxxx
12/05/09 splash wrote: To the Weller Family, please accept my sincere condolences.
I was upset to hear the recent sad news of John Weller - husband, father and grandfather and wish to express my support.
Although we have never met I have been a fan since 1981 and now at the age of 41 having spent many hours of enjoyment with you at various concerts I felt compelled to write a note of support to you all and offer some small comfort, best regards! ~ Huw Davies.
12/05/09 mushmit wrote: Thanks for letting us see what is a very personal tribute - I lost my own dad 2 years ago and had Paul's beautiful "Wings of Speed" played at the Funeral. My message to Paul and all the Family would be something that he wrote on a record that he signed for me many moons ago - "Keep On Keepin' On" .
Mark Orwell
Petts Wood
09/05/09 celladwella9 wrote: "Dad-rock" may have been a awkward name for Paul's music, but it was clear that Paul is a man at peace with his father. This is a blessing for any man, to be proud of being his father's son.
09/05/09 tomj152 wrote: I didn't know too much about John Weller myself, but I did know how much he meant to Paul and the special bond they had. I also know that any time I heard anyone speak of John it was with the utmost respect, love and fondness for a true gent. Love to Paul and all the family x
08/05/09 mod64 wrote: When I returned last Saturday from a vacation abroad, I saw the sad news. I posted a comment, but for some reason it didn't reach. All I wanted to say was that, from what I've read through the years, Mr. John Weller must have been a nice and honest man and a supporting father. Also, I wished a lot of strength to the family and to the close friends to get through these difficult times. Thank you for sharing the Order of Service with us. With many respect, RD, Brussels.
08/05/09 mattimorphis wrote: A beautiful service for a rock of a gentleman. Rest in peace John. Love to Paul and all the family.x
07/05/09 adlervan wrote: thanks for the link

07/05/09 carys wrote: Wonderful will be there x thanks