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16 Jun

New shop link

New shop link

Evening all,

We've changed the shop link to a new one which gives a whole range of Weller t-shirts for both gents and ladies with more hopefully to be added over time.  Check out shop on the links or click here.


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11/07/09 stevemit wrote: steve from winchester agrees t shirts are good but would really like weller polo shirts available at o2 which said WELLER EST 1977 CAN ANY ONE HELP
23/06/09 jason-sarah1 wrote: As far as i can see, the t-shirts have got the forest dates & hop farm, eden project
23/06/09 johntracey wrote: Looking at the t-shirts - are they last years tour dates? Can't see from the on-line images.
22/06/09 gazza1 wrote: cool posters and cups lookin for i agree to guys
18/06/09 rick wrote: I agree with jason, the t-shirts are reallly decent, just ordered 2 , the big face and grey 22 dreams, will be worn home and abroad!!
17/06/09 jason-sarah1 wrote: New t-shirts look good, better than whats been on offer lately, only thing is couldn't find polo shirts that were being sold at the O2 gig.