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25 Jun

Paul to play Fuji Rock

Paul to play Fuji Rock

Afternoon all,

Paul will be playing the Friday (24th July) of the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan.  For more info clidk here:


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11/07/09 trickydicky wrote: Any chance of stopping off to play a gig in Hong Kong on way to/from Japan. Oasis play here regularly and we would love to see you.
Hong Kong
05/07/09 jerry wrote: Are you sir coming back to San Francisco??
29/06/09 hungrybird wrote: I really CAN'T WAIT you'll be back to Japan! (this year's special one for me, because I can see you twice in a year) ...I hope you won't be melting in the summer heat of Japan :( see you soon anyway. xx
28/06/09 yutaka wrote: Yeah, welcome back to Japan! See you soon!
28/06/09 sudo wrote: Great news ! Can see Weller again ! Can see Weller and Oasis at the same time !
27/06/09 debora wrote: im looking foward to this gig bring it on weller ...and hello debora in italy from debora manchester uk
26/06/09 greenymod wrote: Debora come to England to see Paul play
25/06/09 debora... wrote: but in italy no???? i soon i hope ....italian people need you!!!