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07 Jul

UK Autumn Tour Pre-Sale link

UK Autumn Tour Pre-Sale link

Afternoon all,

Good to see that the news of PW's tour has got people excited.  We promised you the pre-sale link which goes live tomorrow morning at 9am ahead of the general sales on Friday, also at 9am.  The pre-sale link can be found here.

Tickets will be £32.50.

For general sales (from Friday) you can get tickets here or from the 24 hour ticket hotline 0870 735 5000

Best of luck boys and girls.


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24/03/10 marmalade wrote: Hey anyone got the link for pre sale tickets in Dublin Olympia , PLEASE............
29/11/09 friendz wrote: bradford next sunday,,royal albert hall next year ,,yahoooo
27/11/09 soulman63 wrote: Plus if any kind soul has a spare 7 inch of the new single let me know if you want to sell!
27/11/09 soulman63 wrote: See Tickets were a totalshambles but they released a bunch more tickets about lunch time so got 2 standing for Albert Hall. Tidy!
27/11/09 leeboy wrote: Just got 2 tickets for the royal albert...........get in there!!!
05/11/09 debora wrote: has any one got tickets for sale for the preston gig 28 11 09 please two please ???d
18/10/09 rellewsrm wrote: Desprate for 2x Cambridge 12 December cant afford "conman prices" as hotel etc to pay for.
Fan for almost 30yrs.(im the one that got crushed @ Brixton 26 Nov '08, taken of in an ambulance & missed the end of the concert...PLS HELP!!!
04/10/09 rubedavid wrote: Any news about US dates?
02/09/09 jason66 wrote: Please HELP!!! ...Anybody got 2 tickets to sale for the Pompey gig!!!!
No way can I afford £90 Plus for one ticket!!! (That some robbin gits want!!!)
27/08/09 stax wrote: Desparete for 2 tickets for Margate Wintergardens can anyone help.
23/08/09 righty wrote: Has anyone managed to track down a CD/DVD of the Jam/Style council/Regular shows at the Irving plaza in NY(Jan 2007) I know they are out there somewhere(As i saw footage on BBC 24)
06/08/09 liverpoolsm wrote: missed tickets for margate, can any one help?
02/08/09 afcgooner66 wrote: no London dates?
26/07/09 briggsy wrote: jbrown........couldn't agree more captain!!
26/07/09 jbrown wrote: I agree with Chopsie what do people want 20 tickets for, to sell on e.bay and seatwave to make more money out of us mugs who buy them , maybe members should have a password when ordering tickets before they go on sale to the general public.
26/07/09 jbrown wrote: Margate here we come jolly boys outing
22/07/09 jimmi64 wrote: hi, just back from holidays missed ticket sales any help on getting tickets for barrowlands glasgow,cheers........
10/07/09 modpaul wrote: got tickts for margate for me birthday thanks Lisa.
What a great night it will be me you and weller, roll on december
10/07/09 bond wrote: Jolly boys outing ( well , me and the wife ! ) daaaaaaaaan at Margit ! roll on December .
10/07/09 shakey wrote: flying over from belfast for the glasgow show, why no show over here? ah well, cant wait to see paul again, he was fantastic in belfast earlier this year.