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10 Sep

Andy Lewis/Spearmint

Andy Lewis/Spearmint

Afternoon all,


Our very own bassist, Andy Lewis will be playing for Spearmint as they perform their classic indie-pop album “A Week Away” at the ICA in London on Wednesday September 30th.


Spearmint are the band behind the Northern Soul sampling pop anthems “Sweeping The Nation”, “A Trip Into Space” and “Left Alone Among The Living”, and Andy’s been a big part of their sound for the last ten years or so. Although they’ve been a bit quiet of late, singer Shirley Lee released a critically acclaimed solo album earlier this year, and the band have a cult following amongst the anglophile US indie crowd which has spilled over in a big way this month. Image Comics have just released a compendium of comic strip interpretations of Spearmint songs, and the band have just had a big namecheck in a hit film. “It pains me to live in a world where nobody’s heard of Spearmint” says actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt in “500 Hundred Days Of Summer.


So if you’re curious to find out what the fuss is all about, tickets for the show at the ICA are available from, and more information about Spearmint can be found by looking at their MySpace page, easily accessible from


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05/11/09 sydartha wrote: Thanks and sautations Timmy!! Dare I say it but Mr.W would be proud of "a week away" himself.
05/10/09 timmy123 wrote: Been a fan of Spearmint for years - if you love the Councils' 'Shout to the top 'My ever changing moods' 'Wanted' and want to hear what Mr Lewis does when not playing for Mr W, head for 'a week away' the debut Spearmint album - choc full of soulful pop that will get your feet tapping and your mind whirring, it's genius, and then go out and buy the whole lot and be hooked forever, you'll be doing yourself a huge favour.