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03 Dec

Royal Albert Hall Gigs Extend To A Fifth Night

You heard that right – due to unprecedented popular demand from you guys, Paul will now be playing a fifth night at the Royal Albert Hall in May.

The fifth show will take place on May 28th and tickets go on sale on Friday at 9am.

Head here on Friday morning to get your tickets.


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27/01/10 sheila wrote: I got my tickets through seetickets, who were going to post them out 14 days before the show (going on the 25th) only problem is i live in Adelaide Australia, now they say i can pick them up at the door from 7pm that night. Does anyone know if they are reliable for this. I am bringing my 11yr old (our first trip overseas) and would hate to get there and there not be any tickets. Has anyone had any prior experience with this situation?? I am very excited, a dream come true Mr Weller and the Royal Albert Hall!
26/01/10 vinnyderry wrote: Got tickets as Christmas present- can't wait! Friday 28th May gig :-)
28/12/09 stevemit wrote: steve from winchester going on thurs 27 may ! any body else travelling up from hants ? leave us a message if you are!
22/12/09 dzkemp wrote: got my tickets for the albert hall cannot wait...
18/12/09 bigjohnmac1 wrote: Got my tickets only downside wife got to come with me
18/12/09 geoff wrote: going on 25th, pauls birthday
17/12/09 harland1 wrote: Just got my tickets for 28th. I'm in the gods but I'll be there!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeh
17/12/09 daydreamer wrote: Got tickets for the 26th - 28th....someone give me a lift from Edinburgh please!!!
15/12/09 hezza wrote: Is the RAH an all seater. ? Never been before. Not a fan of sitting down at gigs but a feeling these are gonna be special.
12/12/09 ritchie1980 wrote: Does anyone know where can I get tickets for the Friday night gig? The link only has Wednesday & Thursday tickets left.
10/12/09 scurzville wrote: got tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait
07/12/09 j200 wrote: Friday nigh, The Royal Albert Hall, Beer in hand, Paul Weller on stage, it does not get any better then that !!!!!!!!!!
06/12/09 janebusybees wrote: going to go through the ALBERT HALL direct ,thanks to all you guys advice! thanks.
05/12/09 jostorm wrote: got mine 2nd row i bought direct with RAH booking fee £ 4 happy days
05/12/09 gervase wrote: my mate got our tickets yesterday for the 28th may cant wait
05/12/09 paulh1 wrote: Got mine too, in a box no less.....Only because i bought direct from Royal Albert Hall and not the low life Bookings direct. The booking fee was £4 in total to get top price seats and bookings direct is £4.80 plus £1.60 EACH, what a rip off.
Now cannot wait to see PW in my favourite venue in a good seat for once...
04/12/09 jumanda wrote: got my tickets yeeeeeeeaaaahhhhhhhh