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18 Dec

Merry Christmas!

A big thank you to all of you that managed to catch one of Paul’s shows recently, we hope you enjoyed them! 

We wanted to wish you all a Happy Christmas and here's to an exciting 2010!


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01/01/10 luckygirl wrote: Hey Music Lovers!! A SMASHING 2010 to all of you!!
( Mayday !Mayday! Please come to Amsterdam Paul)
31/12/09 mod4eva wrote: seasonal niceties to the faithful. god bless us all, and those yet to see the light.
28/12/09 9494jones wrote: Have a fantastic New Year one and all. Great gigs throughout the year....Sherwood, Shepherds Bush, Ferby, wife says I'm spending too much money but I say it is REALLY worth it. Roll on May 25th, Pauls birthday, at the RAH. My wife does not know yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
25/12/09 wilw6 wrote: 2 great gigs in '09, looking forward to the new album.
23/12/09 chocyjonny wrote: 3 shows this year, fantastic everyone of them. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.
21/12/09 aboveclouds wrote: Hello

Wishing everyone a great Christmas time and good health and happiness for 2010.

Still on a high from seeing Paul on recent tour, and I keep listening to his live CD in car. Really happy to get tickets for RAH next year. Lots to look forward to including the new album - enjoyed hearing 7 & 3 Is The Strikers Name for the first time live recently.

Have fun. xx
21/12/09 debora... wrote: thank's..................happy christams and very very fantastic 2010................from Bologna and all italy!!!! i hope to see yor new concert in my country!!!!!! ciao
21/12/09 modtoby wrote: Happy Christmas Everyone. BRING ON THE RAH.........!!!!
20/12/09 tonoscole wrote: WELLER IN Pompey was fantastic roll on the R.A.H
20/12/09 busterbilbo wrote: Merry Christmas to everyone, Have a fantastic 2010.........xx
20/12/09 vivthemod wrote: a very merry Xmas and happy new year to all!!
love xx
PS. Paul will you please come to Amsterdam in 2010? ;)
20/12/09 mammsey wrote: merry xmas paul you are a legend from mammsy the mod
20/12/09 zoemod wrote: merry xmas mr weller and to all your fans! bring on may!
19/12/09 stevemit wrote: what a great gig at the portsmouth guildhall ! the albert hall seems a long way off ! merry xmas to all weller fans steve the winchester iron !
19/12/09 jason-sarah1 wrote: merry christmas to everyone !!, can't wait until spring 2010 for paul to "WAKE UP THE NATION !" love, peace, and happiness to one and all ! xx
19/12/09 katrina0388 wrote: poorpaolo u are a legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19/12/09 doccoates wrote: happy xmax keep on burning
19/12/09 poorpaolo wrote: Merry Christmas, Everyone. Paul, please come to the USA in 2010!

Katrina, the album is "Paul Weller". The original, not the recent Deluxe version. It has different credits!
19/12/09 garysuth wrote: The Portsmouth Guildhall gig was fantastic! looking foward to the new album and hopefully a gig or 2 down on the south coast in 2010! happy christmas to everyone!
19/12/09 ang wrote: MERRY XMAS TO EVERYONE ! HERE S TO 2010 ! LOVE U PAUL !!!!!XXXXX