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09 Feb

Paul Named Godlike Genius By The NME

We are extremely proud to announce that Paul is set to be named Godlike Genius at this year's NME Awards.

The Award recognises Paul's contribution to music over his three decade career from his work with The Jam and Style Council to his solo career.

Paul will be attending and performing at the NME Award's ceremony which takes place on 24th February in London.

Speaking about being named Godlike Genius, Paul said: "I'm very happy to accept the award, I don't feel Godlike or a genius but I'm happy to have it.

"It's nice to be recognised, you get your rewards in other ways too like playing live and seeing people's reaction, but it's nice to be recognised. I'm very flattered. I shall find a special place for it. A little altar to myself with garlands of flowers around it!"

NME Editor, Krissi Murison said "Paul was first on the cover of NME with The Jam in 1977 and then again when he reinvented himself with The Style Council. Three decades on he remains just as influential as a solo artist - and it's this connection with the current music scene which makes him all the more Godlike."


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23/02/10 euro88 wrote: Congrats Paul, give it to them on the night, show them how its done.
18/02/10 mrrh67 wrote: Quality!!!
17/02/10 debora... wrote: good good job MR WELLER HAVE A GOOD TIME!! NUMBER ONE FOR ME!!!
17/02/10 kristen wrote: Finally NME catches up with us! We already know he is a god!!
16/02/10 harland1 wrote: Some call it hard work, some call it Talent, some call it forward thinking, some call it persistance I call it GODLIKE!!
16/02/10 leagirl1971 wrote: Cheers! Paul Weller can "only" be what God can see :-)
11/02/10 max70 wrote: paul,you're simply the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11/02/10 modface66 wrote: No exaggeration!!! Still the coolest and most talented musician on the planet!!!
11/02/10 joanne wrote: you deserve it mr weller, agree with modierry comments
10/02/10 frankie66 wrote: Nice one Paul. Good job you got the Brits done while they still had some credibility.
09/02/10 stevemit wrote: keep the faith! weller is god !
09/02/10 modjerry wrote: Paul is the greatest songwriter and performer the UK has ever produced. No one can match his catalogue and desire!! Only time will tell the story, but it's nice to see the man recognized by the music industry once again. Roll ON - WAKE UP THE NATION!!!
09/02/10 cbmod wrote: Top man , the only one of his peers still relevant. Keep the flame burning.
09/02/10 tobysomeone wrote: They're only saying what we already knew! Nice one anyway.