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09 Feb

Read The NME's 'Wake Up The Nation' Review

Paul's new album 'Wake Up The Nation' has been shaking the NME's office stereo and they've just posted up an excellent track-by-track review on the NME website.

Click here to read it now and get their blow-by-blow rundown of Paul's forthcoming album, out April 19th.

The NME's first listen verdict in a nutshell? A big thumbs-up, of course: "‘Wake Up The Nation’ is the sound of one of the most accomplished songwriters ever enjoying himself in the studio and striving to push his music into the least predictable places possible."


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19/04/10 pmaxfield wrote: Absolutely fantastic album. Gouldn't wait to get and play it. It's Paul at his very best. Thanks.
16/02/10 debora wrote: 'Wake Up The Nation' this will be my best birthday present bring it on there only one weller xx
15/02/10 tobesomeone wrote: Cant wait..........
12/02/10 johnbhoy wrote:
12/02/10 gazbarker54 wrote:

there you go mate
12/02/10 poorpaolo wrote: More info on the double CD here:
12/02/10 rick78 wrote: Looks like Easter time is going to be special!! Hopefully the book will have some great photos and info, as the others did.
11/02/10 tobysomeone wrote: poorpaolo - cheers for the info, seen it at reflex and townsend. Should be a belter, whatever version!
11/02/10 poorpaolo wrote: Tobysomeone, prices for the 2cd/book and vinyl have still to be confirmed. Reflex (and I would guess Townsend as well) will take pre-orders as soon as they have the prices.
10/02/10 tobysomeone wrote: Nice review, but as to be expected from God! I read somewhere there's a special 2 cd/book edition coming out, but can't find it on pre-order anywhere. Anyone know?
10/02/10 simmonmr wrote: