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29 Mar

Exclusive Weller EP On mflow

Paul and Mojo Magazine have teamed up to give away an exclsuive EP of three tracks via new music discovery application mflow.

The EP comes ahead of the release of Paul's new album 'Wake Up The Nation' and contains two tracks from it plus another from '22 Dreams'.

The tracklisting is:

Pieces Of A Dream
7+3 Is The Strikers Name (Live)
Echoes Round The Sun (Live)

Using mflow, you and your friends can share your favourite tracks and stream for free. Not only that, If anyone likes one of your recommended tracks enough to buy it, you recieve 20% of the purchase price.

Click here to get your copy of the EP plus an early bird sign up to mflow before its official launch.


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05/04/10 lizaharding wrote: Damn you get it free here I actually bought mine from mflow like a dumbo! Worth it tho great taster!
To briand may not be available in Ireland til it launches ask @mflow if you're on twitter.
02/04/10 thewho822 wrote: Boo! Not available in the US.
02/04/10 briand wrote: Downloaded mflow but cannot register and get EP from Ireland, any ideas anybody?