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09 Apr

'Wake Up The Nation'/'No Tears To Cry' - Bundle Pre-Order

'Wake Up The Nation'/'No Tears To Cry', the first single to be taken from Paul's sensational new album 'Wake Up The Nation', is officially released this coming Monday.

That means you still have time to pre-order the exclusive bundle containing the CD and two 7" vinyls from Townsend Records which is available for just £6.99.

The tracklistings are:

1. No Tears To Cry
2. Wake Up The Nation
3. Mistress Brown

7" 1
1. No Tears To Cry
2. Wake Up The Nation (Live from Bradford '09)

7" 2
1. No Tears To Cry (Leo Zero Remix)
2. River Man

Click here to pre-order your bundle now.


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10/04/10 paulh1 wrote: Got mine today, awesome deal for £7. Time to Wake up the street with new Weller sounds :)
09/04/10 rick78 wrote: The long wait is almost over, now we only have one more week until we get the complete set with the LP. Spring is looking good