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20 Apr

Weller On Ross - This Friday

Drop your Friday night plans - Weller will be in the studio with Jonathan Ross this coming Friday (23rd April) evening.

Tune in to BBC1 at 10.50pm and enjoy Paul Weller playing live and chatting with Jonathan.


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23/04/10 heavysoul64 wrote: Got lucky and got a ticket, he was awesome as usual, just a shame you only got to do two tracks!
23/04/10 sjpede1974 wrote: Great news as we get more Weller magic. Bit surprised to see him with Ross, hopefully he chins him!
21/04/10 steve87 wrote: i i think this is a last minute thing, what with the ash cloud thing stopping the holywood types coming over obviously. still, we've got Weller playing, which'll do nicely :)

Every cloud has a silver lining..... even the volcanic ash ones eh?
21/04/10 heavysoul64 wrote: Doesn't say that Paul's on, on the BBC website!
21/04/10 joanne wrote: im in weller heaven watched him on jools last week, listened to him on radio 2 thursday,watched him on virgin demand been reading his interviews this week and now on jonathon ross xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
20/04/10 dunc13x wrote: i wonder if we`ll hear again that famous quote , "you`ll bury me a MOD " . LOL