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12 May

Greatest Rock Singer Ever?

Right now the guys and girls at gigwise are canvassing the population to find out who is the Greatest Rock Singer Ever. As you might expect, Paul has made the cut.

He's up against a whole slew of fellow legends; Mick Jagger, Freddie Mercury, Elvis Presley and more WE need YOU to click here and vote until your fingers fall off.

Make us proud...


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29/02/12 twinkles wrote: Freddie Mercury almost always tops these polls, which I think is fair enough... we have to be realistic. Paul is great, as we all know, but not in Freddie's league. I loved Queen at Live Aid. They were out of this world.
24/05/10 etonrifle79 wrote: There is no voice like his.....modern classic
20/05/10 russell09 wrote: yes weller is good but when you compare him to others who have always stayed in rock he isnt the best. he gave up on rock in the 80s the punk mod of the Jam is so much better than weller's movement into pop, sorry not the best
18/05/10 wovokanarchy wrote: The Style Council rock? I don't think so. Mr Weller gave up on rock way back in 1982 with the disbanding of The Jam.
18/05/10 markc wrote: The one and only......Paul Weller
16/05/10 lisa_harris wrote: The Legendary Mr Weller
16/05/10 fireandskill wrote: no
16/05/10 jamjohn65 wrote: some quality in the competition but none more productive and inspiring than the continuing adventures of mr.weller.legend!
15/05/10 friendz wrote: paul weller and the legend rod stewart the original mod
15/05/10 nzgooner wrote: The Modfather himself
13/05/10 harland1 wrote: Just had about 50 votes. Got Paul from 5th to 4th. I'm getting sadder in my old age
13/05/10 johnbhoy wrote: mr weller
13/05/10 lanny_kaster wrote: can people outside the UK vote?