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25 May

A Box Of Prints At The Royal Albert Hall

Alongside Paul's current run of sold out shows, The Royal Albert Hall is also hosting an exhibition of pictures of the Modfather by celebrated rock photographer Lawrence Watson entitled A Box Of Prints.

The exhibition includes photographs taken during the sessions for Paul's 'Wild Wood' album as well as gigs in Amsterdam, New York and London.

It runs until Thursday June 3 and can be viewed while attending Paul's gigs at the venue.

You can also see the exhibition on the following date for free:

May 29 11am - 3pm

If you attend on one of the free days you will also be in with the chance of winning a signed print of one of the Weller pictures.

For more information on the exhibition visit


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05/07/10 wildflower wrote: 07/06/2010 Wish I could have seen your recent shows. I love you so.
27/05/10 peacksuit189 wrote: royal Albert Hall on tuesday night was the best ever - going agin tonight as it was just awesomw - who was wednesdays nights special guest? Wont top Brusce Foxton on tuesay! Looking forwar dto fantastic tunes tonight! Well done Paul
26/05/10 jbrown wrote: What a fantastic night to see him and Bruce Foxton play togther was pure magic, hope Thursday is as good, love you Paul
26/05/10 vbandden wrote: Cracking Gig last night, hope the rest of thw week goes well
26/05/10 karlos359 wrote: What a fantastic Birthday, Brilliant gig at the Albert and just wonderful to see you and Bruce play together after all these years.
25/05/10 janebusybees wrote: Happy Birthday Paul,brilliant gig last night at the Albert Hall,thanks! X
25/05/10 pfaville wrote: Happy Birthday, Paul!
25/05/10 hasi wrote: saw the photos at yesterdays gig, really lovely stuff!