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27 May

Bruce Foxton Join Paul Onstage At The Albert Hall

Incredible scenes Tuesday night at Paul's Albert Hall show - Bruce Foxton joined the band onstage for storming versions of 'Fast Car / Slow Traffic', 'Eton Rifles' and 'The Butterfly Collector'.

This was the first time Paul and Bruce have been onstage together for 28 years.

Check out the picture below for a taste of the action or read the NME's report online right here.

(Photo credit Alex Lake)


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04/06/10 sean_gibbons wrote: Fantastic!
I'm been wishing for this to happen for over 20 years!
Bring back The Jam, even for a moment. and come to the States!

03/06/10 modfather131 wrote: Wow it was great to see 2 thirds of the Jam back together!! Is there a reunion on the cards? Lets hope so Love to you all
29/05/10 heavysoul64 wrote: Awesome gig, i was at the front were Bruce was playing, brought a lump to the throat! Great to see them playing together after all this time!
29/05/10 jbrown wrote: I was lucky enough to be there on Tuesday night and what a welcome the crowd gave him, still got the moves like the old days, best night of my life so far....thanks for a fantastic night roll on summer madness i.o.w. x
29/05/10 kenny1874 wrote: Tuesday 25th May - FANTASTIC !! Travelled down from Edinburgh on Tuesday (8am train) - Gig, atmosphere, set list was amazing, My legs went numb as soon as Bruce appeared on stage, It was a dream come true - Paul and Bruce JAMMING again !! - Thanks for a memorable night :-)
28/05/10 boyabouttoon wrote: Pre-gig it was rumoured but still did not believe it until it happened - what a moment suddenly felt 16 again! Luckily failed to get Monday standing tickets on first release and settled for Tuesday - what a result that was! Travelled down from Northumberland - will never forget it!
28/05/10 lisa_harris wrote: tue 25th may. oh what a night travelled down from Greenock tues morn and flew back up on the wed.What a night especially when Bruce Foxton came on ,Amazing !!!!!!
28/05/10 frankie66 wrote: Managed to get a ticket for tonight at the last minute. Can't wait.
Who knows what mr PW might have up his sleeve.
27/05/10 biffbangpow wrote: luckily i got a set list signed by bf >>>>

27/05/10 biffbangpow wrote: what can i say , i travelled from near newcastle for that night , just blown away , tried to record it on my phone , its all blurry cos i couldnt stop shaking and i,m fucking 47 , says it all ready !
hes to the next time , just not 28 years please PW !!!
27/05/10 jedikitty wrote: Absolutely incredible - thought my other half was going to spontaneously combust with excitement! Very special moment - thank you for another great gig.