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27 May

Webcast Tonight! Plus Pre-Order 'Find The Torch, Burn The Plans/Aim High'

As previously announced, Paul's fourth Albert Hall show will be webcast live across the globe from 20:45 PM - UK (BST), tonight!

Click here for more details and to get your eticket!

In other news, Paul's next single - the double-A side 'Find The Torch, Burn The Plans/Aim High' is now available for pre-order from Townsend Records!

Click here to get the CD and both seven inches for a trifling £6.99.

Here's what you get:

1. Find The Torch, Burn The Plans
2. All I Wanna Do (Acoustic)
3. Moonshine (from the Radio 2 Theatre)

7" 1.
A. Find The Torch, Burn The Plans
B. How Sweet It Is - Feat. Lauren Pritchard (from the Radio 2 Theatre)

7" 2.
A. Find The Torch, Burn The Plans
B. Pieces Of A Dream (from the Radio 2 Theatre)

And don't forget - click here for tonight's webcast!


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06/06/10 harland1 wrote: Find the Torch/Burn the Plans...made to be a single. Won't get enough air play but already a classic for me!
01/06/10 loulou68 wrote: I was at the gig on Thursday 27th May and although I enjoyed it alot, I didn't think the general crowd atmosphere was very good. I was up in the gods and the sound wasn't great to be honest, but no excuse for the row in front of us not clapping, cheering or showing any love for Weller at all. I think alot of so called fans go to his concerts and expect him to just sing old material and Jam stuff. If he did that he'd then be accused of riding on the waves of old succes, the poor bloke can't win. I still adore him anyway and I will remain a loyal fan. I think Weller has more talent in his big toe than most of the shit that's in the charts now!