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30 Jul

New Single

We're proud to announce that the next single from the Mercury Music Prize nominated album 'Wake Up The Nation' is the double a-side 'Fast Car/Slow Traffic'.

'Fast Car/Slow Traffic' reunites Paul with Jam bassist Bruce Foxton for the first time on a record since 1983.

“It’s a real London tune. It’s a pretty full on. It was really interesting to hear Bruce playing on it. You can instantly tell it’s him.” Says Paul of the track.

The release will also feature a live version of 'Andromeda' recorded for a Billy Sloan session on Radio Clyde on the digital download format and a Primal Scream remix of 'Fast Car/Slow Traffic' on the 7" single.

'Fast Car/Slow Traffic' will be released on September 13 - you can check out a preview of the video at right now.

Stay tuned for format information and pre-order links...


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13/08/10 poorpaolo wrote: So is it vinyl only? Townsend are taking preorders for a white vinyl 7" with two versions of "Fast Car" and no "Andromeda". Confused...
09/08/10 funi wrote: Considering that the previous opinions are quite shareable, I apologize for my cynicism, but probably after a more than thirty-year-old career the singles' output is somehow a "now and then" thing: sometimes great stuff, sometimes less. The record companies strategies are (whether one likes it or not) an integral part of the game. At present, the singles' market is mostly intended for the collectors. However every now and then it's opportune to spur an old friend of ours...
06/08/10 ricknbacker wrote: Surely the point of the upcoming release is to increase the plays of the record on radio, thus attracting new listeners to the album? No point 'preaching to the converted' (i.e. die-hard Weller fan who will have already bought the album). I too long for the halcyon days of great quality B-sides on singles. However, I think that unfortunately the internet has killed off the quality B-side. There's no financial point releasing such singles, when nowadays anyone could easily listen to them/ rip them off e.g. YouTube for free. In my opinion though, the fact that Bruce Foxton plays on Fast Car / Slow Traffic is enough justification for the upcoming release, regardless of whatever else is on the record.

(P.S., if you are looking for quality new Weller-like material, check this out!):
06/08/10 harland1 wrote: Love both these tunes but can't understand the release. Come on PW give us loyal (maybe a bit stupid) followers some of your classic 'b-sides'
04/08/10 briggsy wrote: the last single was the first Weller single I have not purchased since as a 10 year old lad I was grabbed by the throat by "The Beat Surrender" and all on the day of release. But I agree this double a-side acoustic/remix maybe one new track on the vinyl malarkie has to stop. I would sooner he just release the album and sack singles off altogeter. After Ltd edition ridiculous priced t-shirts and ludicrously priced books someone somewhere is out to get every last cent out of the true fans.....and I for one don't beleive it's PW
02/08/10 jemtor wrote: I have to agree with all previous comments, fantastic tracks from a fantastic album but a pointless release. Hopefully the Mercury nomination will encourage new people to get the album but the single won't do anything. The record company are exploiting his loyal fans. This man has issued some of the greatest B sides ever, singles were always great value but not now. Just hope these comments get back to him.
02/08/10 lanny_kaster wrote: the actual songs on the single are fine, but i do agree that we seem to be getting "short changed" recently. Look at the As Is Now singles (fantastic quality) and then it kinda dropped. The only single i've felt was under par was "Wild Blue Yonder" (rubbish). I guess im like other Weller fans that im only buying the singles to add to the collection. I play the album over and over, the singles stay housed away... probably won't ever get played. lol
01/08/10 cpt.stax wrote: I second every single word written by soulbrutha.
it's a shame. somebody must read this.we are telling this since the poor single releases out of 22 dreams, and even before.

this double bloody a-side "bright idea" is not only annoying for the fans, but a commercial suicide for the record label.

last single was a flop. this one will be too. I started buying jam/tsc/weller singles when I was a teenager. I have all weller singles up to the 22 dreams series. I would go on buying them if paul shakes his ass and his guitar and put in a decent b side or 2. I stopped buying single since the stupid "double a side series".

it's sad to think a "single man" like weller for 33 years has no power to decide which single to release, leaving to a dumb a&r of the record label this decision. wake up the label and yourself paul. keep control of your production again.
31/07/10 cirrus wrote: Very true I find this a very sad refection of our time. Just record firms wanting more money from the loyal fan. I just buy the L.P and don't give a toss to this out of touch double A side frogness. I listen to the new songs in my car while I am driving along and soon become hooked. long live MR P. Weller
31/07/10 soulbrutha wrote: This double A side single release campaign is ridiculous. Very sad that an artist who's classic singles with amazing b-sides is reduced to flogging album tracks that we already own!