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27 Aug

Weller Speaks Candidly To The Guardian

In a fresh interview with The Guardian, Paul has spoken in depth about rediscovering his creativity, 'Wake Up The Nation' and exactly why he snubbed the Queen.

"I do feel like I'm on a creative roll," he said. "I've had a real urge to write. There's things inside me waiting to blow up. With these two albums, its felt like the songs were flying out of me."

Paul also explained that 'Wake Up The Nation' wasn't intended to be overtly political but these surfaced in his creativity surges.

"It wasn't intended to be political, it was a cultural call," he said. "But I was singing stream of consciousness, and suddenly you've got lines about 'those f**kers in the castle'."

Despite the accolades Paul has received in recent years – an Ivor Novello, Mercury Prize nomination and NME Godlike Genius award – he has mixed feelings about the recognition.

"Once you're past 30 and haven't died of consumption, they start awarding these things for staying alive," he said.

One plaudit he famously turned down, however, was the CBE he was offered in the Queen’s birthday honours list.

Describing the offer as 'comical', Paul added: "I'm not the sort of person who would expect something like that. It's not as if the dear old Queen chooses 'em herself. And even if she did, I'm not fu**in 'aving it."

Click here to read the brilliant interview with The Guardian where Weller talks about The Jam, Prince Charles, his legacy and the X Factor.


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27/08/10 harland1 wrote: Just read the Guardian piece. Why do I always agree with PW's comments. Onwards and forwards
27/08/10 neil wrote: Awesome